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Don't miss your chance to become a 'citizen developer', a new wave of Microsoft Power Apps creators. Let us introduce you to 'THE' platform for mobile and web apps that allows you to reach business capabilities that were once only reserved for high-end development tools.

This webinar is free of charge but registration is obligatory. Once you register, you’ll recieve the link for joining webinar. The webinar will be held in English.

What is Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps is a service for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile - without the time and expense of custom software development.

Why Power Apps?

PowerApps allows us to easily extend the functionality of any business app by enabling developers or powerusers to create applications.

When we compared lifecycle of PowerApps vs traditional business app development the results were outstanding in favor of PowerApps.

What are the benefits of a webinar?

• We’ll explore what PowerApps is

• We’ll check the steps to create app from scratch

• We’ll discover what are the real and usable business values of using PowerApps

Who is webinar appointed to?

The webinar is primarily appointed for decision makers, IT managers and IT team leaders who wants to get to know new technology and its benefits, but also for developers with or without relevent experience who are interested in Power Apps usage and its advantages.

Webinar is hosted by – MSc Siniša Kezić 

MSc Siniša Kezić has been involved in Dynamics and Power Platform from their appearance, covering all possible roles, from user, developer, architect thru consultancy towards technology speaker sessions owner. He was delivering compelling deep-dive tech presentations on a numerous conferences to IT professionals, developers or decision makers audiences enabling clear and understandable technology and solutions adoption.

Being not only Microsoft certified Trainer and Dynamics 365 Consultant he is, on a daily base, working on many worldwide Dynamics 365 CE projects as architect, consultant or senior developer. Therefore, his understanding of core technologies has gained him even deeper insights of whole platform, which he like to share and discuss with the audiences.

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