Red Hat Enterprise Performance Tuning – RH442

Performance tuning and capacity planning for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Red Hat Performance Tuning: Linux in Physical, Virtual, and Cloud (RH422) teaches senior Linux® system administrators the methodology of performance tuning.

Što ćete naučiti

  • Analyze and tune for resource-specific scenarios
  • Applying tuning profiles with the tuned tool
  • Tune in virtual environments (hosts and guests)
  • Trace and profile system events and activities
  • Tune resource limits and utilization using systemd-integrated cgroups
  • Gather performance metrics and benchmarking data

Kome je namijenjeno

Senior Linux system administrators responsible for maximizing resource utilization through performance tuning.


Become a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE®), or demonstrate equivalent experience.

Nastavni plan

  • Introduce performance tuning
    • Describe performance tuning concepts and goals.
  • Select performance monitoring tools
    • Evaluate the large selection of performance monitoring tools that are included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • View hardware resources
    • View and interpret hardware resource listings.
  • Configure kernel tunables and tuned profiles
    • Configure the operating system to tune for different workload requirements.
  • Manage resource limits with control groups
    • Manage resource contention and set limits for resource use on services, applications, and users using cgroup configuration.
  • Analyze performance using system tracing tools
    • Diagnose system and application behaviors using a variety of resource-specific tracing tools.
  • Tune CPU utilization
    • Manage CPU resource sharing and scheduling to control utilization.
  • Tune memory utilization
    • Manage settings for efficient memory utilization for different types of workloads.
  • Tune storage device I/O
    • Manage settings for efficient disk utilization in various use cases.
  • Tune file system utilization
    • Manage application efficiency for file system utilization.
  • Tune network utilization
    • Manage application efficiency for network utilization.
  • Tune in virtualization environments
    • Distinguish the requirements for tuning in virtualized environments.
  • Perform comprehensive review
    • Demonstrate skills learned in this course by observing system performance using the appropriate tools, evaluating system metrics, and configuring settings to improve performance