Red Hat OpenStack Administration II – CL210

Introduction to Red Hat OpenStack Platform configuration and administration of private cloud infrastructure using core OpenStack services.

Red Hat OpenStack Administration II: Infrastructure Configuration for Cloud Administrators (CL210) teaches you how to implement a full-featured cloud computing environment using OpenStack.

Što ćete naučiti

  • Gain familiarity with overcloud service containerization technology.
  • Learn about Open Virtual Networking (OVN) enhancement to OVS.
  • Use identity service v3 (keystone) with external Red Hat IdM store.
  • Manage the core control plane, including Pacemaker.
  • Customize images, with techniques for multiple use cases.
  • Manage block and object storage.
  • Manage compute nodes, including tuning and hyperconvergence.
  • Deploy multi-container stacks.
  • Troubleshoot OpenStack.

Kome je namijenjeno

This course is intended for Linux system administrators, cloud administrators, cloud operators, and infrastructure architects interested in, or responsible for, maintaining a private or hybrid cloud.


Nastavni plan

  • Navigate the Red Hat OpenStack Platform architecture
    • Describe the classroom environment, support systems, functions of the undercloud components, and more.
  • Describe the OpenStack control plane
    • Identify the shared services running on a controller node and describe service endpoint configuration and security.
  • Integrate identity management
    • Describe the installation and architecture of a Red Hat Identity Management back end for the OpenStack identity service.
  • Perform image operations
    • Build an image using diskimage-builder and customize launched instances during deployment using cloud-init.
  • Manage storage
    • Explain persistent storage options for use in OpenStack, focusing on the expanding capabilities of the default Red Hat®Ceph Storage.
  • Manage OpenStack networking
    • Explain the different network types available to the OpenStack networking service and improve network performance with Open Virtual Network.
  • Manage compute resources
Perform common compute node administration tasks, including live migration, evacuation, and enabling and disabling compute nodes.
  • Automate cloud applications
    • Explain the orchestration architecture required to deploy application stacks and write templates using the Heat Orchestration Template (HOT) language.
  • Troubleshoot OpenStack operations
Discuss recommended diagnostic and troubleshooting tools and techniques.
  • Comprehensive review
    • Build a custom image and launch an instance using the custom image.