Another academic year at Algebra has brought Algebra International Summer School 2023! The summer program took place in Zagreb and Zadar this warm July 2023. Students enjoyed their studies discovering Zagreb for three weeks and exploring the beautiful Croatian coast for a whole week from Zadar.

The modules, including Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Data-Driven Storytelling, Digital Marketing, and Wireless Communication Networks, offered the students a wide range of knowledge and practical skills. Our student guests attended lectures, delved into projects, and tested their knowledge in their final exams.

Algebra hosted students from across the world, Mexico, Canada, the USA, Brazil, Spain, France, and Germany. The students also enjoyed sharing their summer with Algebra Buddies, who made them feel at home from the start! Embracing the role of mentors and guides, our Buddies went above and beyond to ensure that their fellow learners felt welcomed and cherished.

To enrichen their experience in a new country, the students opted for the optional Croatian Language and Culture module. They learned all about the history and culture of Croatia, along with the most common Croatian words and phrases for getting by in the new environment.

The students’ journey of exploration extended beyond the classroom as they embarked on a hiking adventure through Medvednica mountain – a proud beacon of Zagreb. Breathing in the fresh mountain air, they effortlessly strolled along, basking in the beauty of the Croatian landscape.

Transitioning to Zadar, the students greeted the stunning Croatian coast. The sightseeing tour revealed the city’s rich history and captivating landmarks, while free time allowed for personal field trips to national parks Paklenica and Plitvice Lakes and the picturesque islands such as Novalja, Pag, and Rab.

Algebra also ensured students to company visits, bringing academic concepts to life. We visited Bornfight and A1, where the students loved learning about their stories and gained a deeper insight into the real-world application of digital technologies.

Additionally, Smiljan hosted students for their visit to the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center! There, they delved into the captivating story of one of the greatest Croatian inventors and witnessed some of his remarkable inventions in person. A spark of excitement ignited as a group of Tesla enthusiasts among the students seized the opportunity to share their knowledge and demonstrate how some of the displayed inventions worked. The students bonded over their love for science and the genius of Nikola Tesla.

During the final day in Zagreb and Zadar, Algebra organized a farewell party for Algebra Summer School 2023 students, where we reminisced about the time spent together and the memories we created. Amid laughter and sharing stories, the students bid adieu, knowing that this summer greatly influenced their lives for the better.

Check out what some of the students wrote about their experience in Algebra International Summer School 2023:

  • ”Algebra International Summer School was more than I expected, definitely, the international academic experience I was looking for!”
  • ”Fun little adventure that also brings useful knowledge.”
  • ”Life-changing opportunity, every day was a new adventure, and I couldn’t be happier to have taken this program.”
  • ”Fun, interesting, and I will recommend the program without any doubt!”

We thank all Algebra International Summer School 2023 students and professors for their enthusiasm, curiosity, and motivation to get inspired!