Algebra University College opened its door for the third time for a summer experience our students will never forget. The third International Summer School took place on Algebra’s campus in Zagreb for 2 weeks and at Gymnasium Antun Vrancic in Šibenik for a week. From July 7 to July 27, 40 students from 16 different countries joined their forces in creating a digital future together. Our professional curriculum, applicable and creative courses and various field trips sparked the interest of young people from all around the world who chose Croatia as their summer study destination.

Our summer school program lasted for 3 weeks and offered students a variety of courses they could choose from, such as: Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Mobile Application Development, Data-Driven Storytelling and Digital Sculpting Fundamentals. Most of the courses were suitable for beginners in the field, or required some basic programming knowledge in order to follow the courses better. However, for students eager to attend the courses outside of their field of study we made sure preparatory courses for some programs were available.

After months and months of preparation the welcome day finally arrived! Young people from every corner of the world arrived at Algebra University College excited for the following three weeks that await! The welcome day was already a sign of good times that were coming ahead where everyone had a chance to introduce themselves and meet their new friends and colleagues around lunch and coffee.

The lectures started on Monday and were held every day from Monday to Friday. Students worked in small groups that work excellent as there is an individual approach and each student has the opportunity for discussion, questions and problem solving. Students could also focus on their projects with great support of their lecturers.
“To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be that amazing. I have learned a lot from my professor, peer group, administrative staff, and last but not least my course. I loved it.” says Panhavaon, a student from Hungary that took a course in Digital Marketing.

The entire idea behind Algebra’s international programs is to expand people’s horizons and show students everything Croatia has to offer. From beautiful islands, mountains, food, people and culture, to quality education, easy going lifestyle and fun. That is why we make sure that our summer program is a balance between work and play. There is an emphasis on the quality of the courses but also on the extracurricular part of the program. Our students had a chance to visit the memorial centre Nikola Tesla, explore Zagreb and Šibenik, visit National Park Krka and picturesque Island Prvić near Šibenik. Furthermore, the students could participate in two workshops: Croatian Language and Culture and Financing Early Stage Startups. Our Croatian Language and Culture teacher Petra (also a member of the International Office at Algebra) taught the students a crash course on all the important phrases they will need to get by during their time in Croatia! “It was a great experience to see young people from all over the world invested in learning Croatian and exploring the cultural differences.” says Petra. The Financing Early Stage Startups, on the other hand, was a workshop for students whose ideas needed a push. Some students had project ideas that needed guidance and our lecturer Ivo Špigel helped our students get a step closer to executing their ideas.

After intense but amazing three weeks of lectures, field trips, sightseeing and making friends, it was time for our students to hand in their projects and do their exams. As stressful as the idea of exams was, all students managed to pass their exams with great results and received their credits to bring home along with amazing memories. All the hard work paid off, and it was time for us to say goodbye in style! We organized a karaoke party where for the final time 16 countries came together in singing, dancing and reminiscing all the highlights of the past 3 weeks. Even though it was a difficult goodbye, we all knew it was just a “see you soon”, as relationships our students created with one another during the summer school are just the beginning towards a lifetime of friendship! We hope the students will visit us again soon in Croatia, and until then we wish them success in their education and future careers.
If you are interested in Algebra’s International Summer programs feel free to contact the International Office or visit our website for more information. We will guide you through the application process and make sure you have the best summer of your life!