New year, old challenges – continuous success!

Our fourth annual International Winter School was held online from 11 January to 29 January with courses in Cyber Security & Digital Marketing.
For the first ever, our international students had the chance to participate in our new Croatian Language & Culture course where we uncovered some true Croatophiles!

During wintertime, online programs are in the highest demand and we wanted to give our students the best of Algebra. Therefore, we prepared courses that are dynamic and participative. We made sure that our students had every opportunity to be inquisitive and speak their minds.

This way, our students from around the world became a real digital Team, spending 3 weeks in a virtual classroom, learning new skills and earning academic credits.

Some of our students were kind enough to send us behind the screens photos and we thank them truly for their effort!

Here is what they have to say about their experience @ Algebra’s International Winter School:

International Winter School 2021._1

In these strange times, I think it is important to constantly learn about new technologies and Algebra’s International Winter School is the right place to find guidance in the digital world.
I have enrolled in the Digital Marketing course and it exceeded my expectations!
I have learned not only about what is behind the digital advertising world, Google Ads and social media but I have also learned how to utilize critical and analytical thinking.
Additionally, the Croatian Language and Culture course was really instructive with regards to learning the language and getting to know more about the culture… Croatian music is truly intriguing, by the way!
Also, it was fun to share this experience with other students from around the world. Who would have thought that I would exchange (basic) Croatian phrases with a girl from India?

Although we have attended virtual classes, I did not notice any differences in relation to normal class since I felt fully engaged thanks to our enthusiastic teachers! Then you can imagine attending the International Winter School classes face to face!

Federica, Italy

The Croatian Language and Culture course took me on a virtual tour of Croatia. The course was very interactive and the classes were quite interesting! Undoubtedly, Petra’s presentations were engaging as well as informative.

I was pleased with the Cyber Security course. Professor Robert always amazed me by demonstrating the applications of cyber security which I had never explored before!

The best part of the course were the company visits which bridged the gap between the practical and the theorical knowledge in real life scenarios. The Cyber Security course enhanced my knowledge to a great extent!

Saumya, India

The Cyber Security course at Algebra’s International Winter School showed me how much I DO NOT know! Professor Robert is CIA level and it was a nice introduction to ‘the rabbit hole’, as he would say.

Eduardo, Mexico

The pandemic has changed everything, and I felt bad for not being able to travel and get to know a foreign country but now I feel so happy that I had decided to take the winter course at Algebra.

I enrolled in the Croatian Language and Culture course and the Digital Marketing course where I had both learned a lot and have so much fun that I forgot that I was in my house for those several hours.

Vanja and Petra are the greatest professors, they include theorical and practical knowledge in their lessons and they are always available to answer any question. I am so grateful for everything that they had taught me. 

Thanks Algebra’s International Winter School for so much fun and learning!

Adriana, Mexico

I was skeptical at first to enroll in online classes. But as soon as we started, I realized it was going to be a great journey, although a virtual one. Professor Vanja Šebek, along with the other international students, made this 3-week Digital Marketing course an unforgettable experience. I learned a lot from both the lecturers and my fellow students and gained a new perspective on digital marketing.
The way all of us connected during this course is something I will look back upon with a big smile. Thank you everyone for this amazing Winter School experience!

Lovro, Croatia

We would like to thank all students for choosing Algebra this winter and we are looking forward to hosting them in person so we can continue creating a digital future together while exploring the beauties of Croatia.