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Artificial Intelligence

The industry is investing more and more resources into tools and training to help data scientists, developers and businesses at large to gain a better understanding of data and the human impact of AI. AI can help more organizations drive business value and competitive advantage from various of their resources, especially their data. Exciting times are ahead, let this course guide you towards AI future!

About the course

Artificial intelligence has been a fascinating concept for society in past decade, and we are finally getting close to making AI a reality. Generally, we are witnessing significant improvement of various technologies all related to AI influence which drives demand for understanding not only how to use and implement such technologies but to understand basic concepts of how selected components really work.
In order to fully understand how AI will impact the future of work, this program seeks to explore the core features of AI technologies from a business and user perspective. Students will understand why AI’s social aspect is important and how complex it is to create efficient one. Furthermore, be prepared to use your innovation skills and to advance it to next practical level. Once being able to understand key AI components, complexity and enabling components, we can start discussion how to successfully invoke AI in our life. Prototyping process begins with simple question: Can you create simple but efficient AI solution scenario by covering „all important” aspects? Selecting appropriate or at least most adoptable technology model can be crucial for success either target is to impress or to score for profit. Play with solutions using prepared scenarios and create your own with specific target customer/industry in mind. Once you master experimenting, it is time to push your imagination to limits and create our story. Share your story with public and improve your AI skills in a group. Finally, use this skill to learn how to quickly and efficiently navigate through business with flying colors.
Wrapping up, we are ready to take a look in the future. What can happen in year or so? How our use cases will evolve and how fast our current skills will become obsolete. We will talk about chat bots, smart contracts and future-to-be cases. Teamwork and individual pitches will be presented for mentor and participants evaluation.


Leo Mršić, PhD is the experienced top level Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur, College Professor, Assistant Professor, Certified Court Expert Witness with deep expertise in appliance of technology in different areas of business and government, strong background in different areas (law, finance, technology, math) and fields (retail, project management) with focus on analytic methods and data management/data usage with ability to extend its approach from operational through strategic level, strong organizational skillset (teams/companies up to 1.200+ employees) during 15+ years of management experience, Head of Chair for Data Management and Analysis at University College Algebra Zagreb, active in EDU community with wide range of different experiences (Editor, Lecturer, Reviewer, Editorial Board Member, Advisor, Book Author) able to provide deep and usable approach in many areas especially related to technology, math, structured decision making and educational methodologies.