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Data-Driven Storytelling

Storytelling skills are considered to be among most important skills today, the skills we all should practice, and when empowered with data they can create very powerful tool in many industries including digital marketing.

About the course

Our society is based on “stories” that are the basis for the way we communicate, live and dream. In the introduction to the lecture, a short section of technology development will be elaborated with a special focus on EDU / government / business (learning by doing) and data science, as well as advanced visualization. We will describe and conduct a characteristic data science project and show some techniques related to the big data infrastructure, and the way we use mathematical rules for various activities in the phases of these projects. In the lecture, through a practical view, we plan to show how to use data and advanced visualization tools combined with large data sets to gain content and the way we can tell the story with the help of this content.

The course aims to introduce you to think out of the box and create interesting and, more important, relevant stories using data. In order to do that you will master different techniques of visualization and exploratory data analysis. You will acquire a necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the field of data science that is characterized by large volumes of data. Apart from the technique, you will be introduced to a variety of tools for visualization and exploratory data analysis.


Leo Mršić, PhD is the experienced top level Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur, College Professor, Assistant Professor, Certified Court Expert Witness with deep expertise in appliance of technology in different areas of business and government, strong background in different areas (law, finance, technology, math) and fields (retail, project management) with focus on analytic methods and data management/data usage with ability to extend its approach from operational through strategic level, strong organizational skillset (teams/companies up to 1.200+ employees) during 15+ years of management experience, Head of Chair for Data Management and Analysis at University College Algebra Zagreb, active in EDU community with wide range of different experiences (Editor, Lecturer, Reviewer, Editorial Board Member, Advisor, Book Author) able to provide deep and usable approach in many areas especially related to technology, math, structured decision making and educational methodologies.