Choose the module(s) you like most, pack your bags and join us in Croatia! You will earn 6 ECTS points per main module plus an extra 4 ECTS points for our free Croatian Language and Culture module.

Don’t miss a chance to become a part of a summer experience where you will have the opportunity to network with young people from around the globe and discover the hidden beauties of Croatia! Choose one or two of our innovative courses and spend your summer polishing your skills and acquiring new ones.

Artificial Intelligence

The industry is investing more and more resources into tools and training to help data scientists, developers and businesses at large to gain a better understanding of data and the human impact of AI.

Cyber Security

Get to know the “dark side“ of security and how to use “the force“ the right way. In this course, the students will learn how to use their computer without exposing it to most of the threats lurking outside.

Creativity and Storytelling for Marketers

Embark on a transformative journey through Creativity & Storytelling for Marketers. This unique module equips you with essential skills to craft captivating content that resonates with audiences and amplifies brand messaging.

Game Design

Step into the captivating world of game design and unlock your potential to create thrilling gaming experiences.

Data Driven Storytelling

Storytelling skills are considered to be among most important skills today, the skills we all should practice, and when empowered with data they can create very powerful tool in many industries including digital marketing.

Digital Sculpting Fundamentals

Digital Sculpting with Pixologic Zbrush has become the Industry standard for creating state of the art visuals for film, television and games alike.

Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

IoT system for autonomous driving using computer vision and artificial intelligence

Mobile Application Development

The use of mobile technology is an opportunity to expand customer relationships and implement a veriety of android applications.

Croatian Language and Culture