Artificial intelligence has been a fascinating concept for more than a decade, and we are finally getting close to making AI a reality. We are currently witnessing significant innovations in various technologies that all relate to the influence of AI. This drives demand for understanding not only how to use and implement such technologies but also how the basic concepts of selected components really work.

About the module

In order to fully understand how AI will impact the future of work, this program seeks to explore the core features of AI technologies from a business and user perspective. You will learn why the social aspect of AI is important and how complex it is to create an efficient one. Be prepared to use your innovation skills and elevate them in practice. Once you grasp the key AI complexity and enabling components, we will start a discussion on how to successfully invoke AI in our lives.

You will get to play with solutions using prepared scenarios and create your own with specific target customer/industry in mind. Once you master experimenting, you will push your imagination to its limits and create your own story, share it and improve your AI skills in a group. Finally, you will be able to use this skill to learn how to navigate through business quickly and efficiently.

Teamwork and individual pitches will be presented for mentor and peer evaluation.

Exciting times are ahead, let this course reveal the benefits and the risks of AI and invoke the skills you will need in the future.


Leo Mršić, PhD is an experienced top level corporate executive, entrepreneur and lecturer with strong expertise in the application of technology in different areas of business and government. Leo’s background includes analytic methods and data management/data usage applicable from operational to strategic levels, strong organizational skillset (teams/companies up to 1200+ employees) during 15+ years of management experience. Currently acting as Head of the Data Science study program at Algebra University College.

Croatian language & culture


The Croatian Language and Culture module will help you learn the very basics of Croatian and offer an excellent insight into Croatian culture. You will learn to read and write some of the most important Croatian words, as well as learn key conversational phrases. You will also learn tidbits about famous Croatians and Croatian history, geography, cuisine and more.

Don’t let Croatian catch you by surprise. Expect the unexpected!