Image for Creating a Detailed Project in 3D

Creating a Detailed Project in 3D

Students will learn the advanced principles of creating a 3D project, taking into consideration the technical and work-related challenges. The entire process will go through each step of production in detail, crafting the final image as close to photorealism as possible.

Each project starts with an idea, notion of bringing something to life, that as such exists or will exist in a form of visual expression. As visual beings, we must commit first and foremost to the recognition of the visual communication. If we fail to accomplish that, the message will be lost to the viewer. Therefore, every step of the way in a 3D project is followed by extensive research on the subject, numerous iterations and fine tuning that culminates in a desire to make it flexible for change and improvement.

The course is designed to introduce students to the 3D, ranging from modelling, texturing, simulation, lighting, rendering and postproduction. Although a broad field, the course will be a focused effort to specifically address practical and proven ways of preparing a project from start to a final image. The course will continue to elaborate on certain dependencies between stages in production, flexibility and preparation, elements and postproduction. Each step and action will be addressed from a standpoint of all included elements preparing the students for an easier stage in postproduction and final image processing.

The entire process will be specific to the project due to the time limitations, yet the methodology will far outweigh the scope of the project and can be implemented in current 3D workflows from freelance to studio work. The knowledge given will further expand on the advanced use of techniques and simulation effects in order to cut the production time and avoid manual and tedious work in 3D.

Further efforts will be focused towards crafting details and preparing them for the final stages of image manipulation. Each step into the production should by then have its place in the environment that represents the visual goal of the project. From preparation of the postproduction and from the postproduction standpoint, every information is a valuable stepping stone in the image manipulation. Translated to postproduction it represents easier and more streamlined way of altering, retouching and colour-grading of the final image, which is suitable for fine tuning and change requests.

Predrag Šuka

Predrag Šuka started working as a photojournalist for a national daily newspaper at a young age, expanding his work experience on to radio and national TV, all the while exhibiting his photography work in organized, judged and independent exhibitions before finishing his education at the University of Graphic Arts, Zagreb. During his higher education and work as a junior designer he started to train as a teaching assistant for engineering with most of his time is spent in software training where he was mostly drawn to 3D. Doing professional projects for design studios, agencies, architectural bureaus led to seventeen years of experience between photography, design and 3D with the ability to maintain or create the artistic drive & common language. His teaching efforts continued in the only Autodesk ATC & ACC in Croatia, where he is currently a lead trainer, managing the education and training daily as an Autodesk Certified Instructor. Alongside training, he is head of undergraduate and graduate study of multimedia computer engineering at University College Algebra and actively teaching in the fields of multidiscipline design, photography, 3D and multimedia. Outside the higher education and training his activities in the aforesaid fields range from consulting to production of digital content, owner of his own company, public speaker, guest lecturer and recipient of numerous awards. He gave his expertise in numerous EU projects dealing with education and training all the way to projects involved in promoting and expanding the knowledge in aerospace industry within Google Lunar X-Prize and Stellar, where he is chairman of the board.