Learn fun facts about famous Croatians, Croatian history and geography, and acquire some of the most important Croatian words for free! With this extra module, you will work on fun projects, learn the basics of the Croatian language, and explore Croatian culture. Don’t let Croatian catch you by surprise. Expect the unexpected!

About the module

The Croatian Language and Culture module helps students learn the elementary level of the Croatian language and offers an excellent insight into Croatian culture. Students will learn a well-balanced selection of Croatian terminology, key conversational phrases and grammatical structures. The course will also add a practical value in terms of enabling students to use the language in social activities when interacting with locals during their stay in Croatia. An additional aim of the module is to strengthen students’ cultural competence about Croatia as a modern country, as well as a country with long history that is located at the intersection of three different European cultural circles. The special emphasis in the module is put on facts about famous Croatians and Croatian history, geography, cuisine, customs and the Croatian way of life.


Tihana Banko was born in Zagreb. She graduated from English Department and Art History Department of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb in 2002. In 2018 she enrolled in a PhD study of Lifelong Teaching and Learning with the Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb. She spent her 20-year-long teaching career in diverse and multicultural environments, first working in language schools in Zagreb and then in international schools and colleges in the Middle East, where she taught academic writing, speech communication and study skills. Her approach to teaching is student-centered, holistic and project-oriented. In recent years, Tihana Banko focused her professional work on international students and their linguistic and cultural integration into Croatian education system and Croatian lifestyle. Her academic interests, apart from philology, belong to the interdisciplinary field of social sciences and humanities, particularly multiculturalism, gender studies, sociology and psychology of education. She is the coauthor of English language textbooks for early learning and a speaker at national and international professional conferences.