Digital Sculpting with Pixologic Zbrush has become the Industry standard for creating state of the art visuals for film, television and games alike. More than that it is the go-to software for any kind of sculptural and elaborate objects for purposes of 3D printing, rapid prototyping, prop and mask making for film and many other uses. The software provides unparalleled freedom to create rich and highly detailed digital models and sculptures in numerous art styles and expressions. Sculpting is done using a pressure sensitive tablet and is very akin to traditional sculpting and drawing and all of the traditional art techniques are incredibly useful and relevant.

About the module

In this exciting module, you will become familiarized with the Zbrush user interface and the most commonly used sculpting tools and practices. The module will be focused on using few very powerful sculpting tools and techniques in Zbrush which make for a straightforward sculpting style and provide fantastic foundations for any future artistic projects. Get ready to be taken through the complete process of organic sculpting using various photo references. The module will explain the importance of silhouette, primary, secondary and tertiary forms. You will explore different methods of object and form creation and manipulation and learn different techniques of sculpting. The module will focus on the understanding of sculptural form through several different subjects each focusing on a different problem. Moreover, you will be introduced to the Zbrush workflow and the possibilities of developing or incorporating Zbrush into your art practices. This approach will enable you to develop your understanding, knowledge, and skills and improve on a step by step, subject by subject basis. The module will teach you to recognize and interpret the character and flow of shapes through subject matter analysis. Explore how to express your interpretations of subject matter and achieve accurate, high fidelity sculpts (relative to their artistic background). Through the module, you will create several character/creature busts through which you will explore and learn the usage of various tools and sculpting methods. The entire module will be as personalized as possible where the level of the sculpting problem will be suited to the individual student. One of each student’s sculptures will be elaborated on creating a high-fidelity sculpt which will show to demonstrate the student’s abilities.


Winton Afrić is an Academic painter, College professor, Assistant professor, with a Ph.D. in Information and Communication sciences that specializes in Digital Sculpting.He has been working at different Universities in Croatia for 10 years teaching subjects like: Multimedia, Illustration, Drawing and Composition, and Digital Sculpting. Winton built his early Art portfolio on the traditional art form focusing on anatomy and realism. Most of his art, however, focuses on conceptualizing and designing fantastic characters, creatures, and environments. He found his medium in Zbrush digital sculpting which enables an unparalleled level of detail and precision in exploring anatomy and all forms grounded in reality. Today Winton creates digital sculptures of fantastic creatures, that are printed and available for collectors and figure painters, he has done concept art, illustration, traditional art and digital sculpting for the gaming and figure industry as well as private collectors.

Croatian language & culture


The Croatian Language and Culture module will help you learn the very basics of Croatian and offer an excellent insight into Croatian culture. You will learn to read and write some of the most important Croatian words, as well as learn key conversational phrases. You will also learn tidbits about famous Croatians and Croatian history, geography, cuisine and more.

Don’t let Croatian catch you by surprise. Expect the unexpected!