Step into the cutting-edge realm of Internet of Things (IoT) as we delve into the dynamic world of autonomous driving and data collection through computer vision and machine learning. This module offers an immersive experience in developing advanced IoT systems, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and AI methodologies.

About the module

Get hands-on with a small robot on wheels, equipped with a camera, local image processing unit, communication module, and control module. You will develop software for an IoT robot that can autonomously drive, collect data, and transmit telemetry using standard network protocols. Explore the exciting realms of computer vision and machine learning, applying these cutting-edge technologies to tackle challenges like autonomous driving, sign recognition, and obstacle detection. Create a cloud service that effortlessly collects and visualizes telemetry data, providing a comprehensive view of the robot’s performance and insights. This practical aspect will enable you to witness the power of IoT in action and understand its significance in shaping the future of technology.

Our mission is to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and architectural insights required to create efficient IoT systems that embrace the power of artificial intelligence and systems that integrate seamlessly with artificial intelligence, empowering you to drive innovation and contribute to the development of groundbreaking technologies. Dive deep into embedded technologies, grasp key IoT concepts, and explore communication protocols and industry standards. This module combines fundamental AI principles with practical experience in relevant libraries and development environments.

Join us on the journey into the realm of IoT and unleash your potential to drive innovation in the age of AI!


Tomislav Ražov, M. Eng., was born in Zagreb. He completed professional Graduate study program in Electrical Engineering in 2000. He gained significant professional experience while working on international R&D projects in Siemens. Later on, he spent couple of years at Telecom provider working on core network development where he learned first hand about 3G and 4G mobile network systems and technologies. Now he works in a startup company leading the development of commercial IoT systems in the field of smart homes and smart cities.

Zvonimir Anić is a generalist with a broad spectrum of knowledge and problem solving. Coder, interested in IoT, automation, big data. Product owner covering both HW and SW. Lecturer on topics of AI and IoT. At this point he is working as a Project manager. an Assistant Director Of HW Development at Smart Sense. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb.

Zvonimir is also an Associate Lecturer at Algebra University College.

Croatian language & culture


The Croatian Language and Culture module will help you learn the very basics of Croatian and offer an excellent insight into Croatian culture. You will learn to read and write some of the most important Croatian words, as well as learn key conversational phrases. You will also learn tidbits about famous Croatians and Croatian history, geography, cuisine and more.

Don’t let Croatian catch you by surprise. Expect the unexpected!