Win a scholarship for the International Summer School 2021

Virtual International Summer School
Make your summer international! Here is your chance to win a scholarship for various summer school programs in IT, data science, digital marketing and digital design. At Algebra, we believe in the quality and efficiency of virtual teaching and in our cutting-edge programs. Apply for the Scholarship now! Applications close on March 31.

Here are the programs you can win the scholarship for:

Scholarships Program

Algebra provides you with different types of scholarships you can apply for:

1) Full Scholarships for excellence

1 full scholarship per course covering 100% of study costs for all three weeks of Summer School in Zagreb and Zadar for the best full-time students.

Algebra University College is ready to offer the scholarships to the outstanding undergraduate students covering a total amount of three-week tuition expenses thus enabling free education for the students!
Students are expected to cover their cost of travel and accommodation.

2) Partial Scholarships

2 scholarships per course covering 30% to 50% of tuition fees for the students who achieve outstanding results. (The exact percentage of the scholarship will be determined by the Algebra University College based on the quality of the applications received – better candidates will receive higher scholarships.)
Students are expected to cover their cost of travel and accommodation.

How to Apply for the Scholarship?

Your application must include:


Record yourself speaking in a 1-3 minute video and upload it to YouTube. Highlight your passions, your skills, and motivations for applying. Tell us why you deserve this scholarship. Video can be recorded with your smartphone or videocamera.


We urge you to include into your resume (your CV) in a .pdf format.


Fill in the application form below. Also, you can include links to software, web designs, or other relevant projects and materials you have created as a proof of your talents.

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