Algebra Summer School in July this year is held in two locations: Algebra’s new campus in Zagreb and at the new campus of the University of Zadar.

The year 2022 will be recorded as the year in which we welcomed a record number of students – more than 90 young people eager for knowledge came to Algebra from France, Germany, Turkey, Ukraine, Denmark, Canada, USA, Mexico and Brazil to learn all about the latest trends in the world of digital technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Data-Driven Storytelling, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing and Experimental Drawing.

In addition to excellent lectures, as part of the course, students attended organized visits to some of the biggest Croatian and global companies in the field of digital technology in order to learn more about the business story behind these pioneers of innovation in Croatia.

Our students also have the opportunity to get to know the country they came to better through guided tours in Zagreb and Zadar as well as short excursions around Croatia, and in their free time they enjoy the sun, sea and other beauties of Croatia as a top European summer destination.