Algebra University College campus is located at Gradišćanska 24 street, close to Zagreb city center.

Algebra built a new university campus in 2022, making it the largest private educational investment in Croatia. The everyday presence of more than 12,000 students, 200 employees and 400 external experts transforms the campus into a bustling hub of knowledge and innovation.

Algebra campus building has a total of 6 floors, 31 lecture rooms with the biggest auditorium seating 180 students. Some other facilities at the students’ disposal are:

  • Art studio, ON AIR Studio, A/V production studio
  • Library, exhibition hall
  • Algebra LAB, Innovation Lab, Career Centre
  • Online cabinets, data center



Algebra University College is cultivating the tech-geeks of the future, offering modern and up-to-date programmes in computer science, economy and the arts to help students become a part of a digitally transformed world.