Since 2009 campus is in Ilica 242, spread over 2000 sq. m. and features a refurbished turn of the 20th century building equipped with state of the art facilities.

We are situated in a historical university campus of CUC in Zagreb city centre, located on the main street (Ilica) connecting central city square and Zagreb’s west residential and business areas.

Our teaching activities are mostly based in superbly renovated and equipped building built in 1903 by Austro-Hungarian Empire to serve as University campus, now a part of Catholic University of Croatia campus, and in a new building commissioned in late 2017, where we have video / audio studios, research facilities, coworking & accellerator and huge lecture halls. Contrast between new technologies and old restored buildings visible in campus creates a stimulating and dynamic environment. With more than 4000 of square meters currently available to our students in form of lecture rooms, classrooms, laboratories, teaching cabinets, lounges, library… we seek to raise the standards of resources, equipment and design of higher education institutions in Croatia. We expect to finish our new and spacious university library in the next academic year, and in the years to come the new student dormitory as well. Both library and student dormitory are located within the Campus.

We have been raising the bar for university College spaces in Croatia ever since. Let us list some of the facilities that await you:

  • High availability private cloud with numerous physical servers, storages, firewalls, UPS’s… Stated equipment allows Software Engineering / Data Science students to use complex and high output virtual environments in our classrooms and at home in order to finish their tasks and research projects. On the other hand, this equipment allows system-engineering students to work with real life infrastructure.
  • Two equipped video studios, one fully professional used for formal study programs and other used for student projects and always available to students. This equipment is used by multimedia students.
  • Professional audio studio used for formal study programs.
  • 20 computer laboratories and classrooms with different types of equipment and software, used and prepared specifically for different courses.
  • Complete networking laboratory with numerous routers, switches, 2nd firewalls and other wired and wireless network equipment for System Engineers.
  • Photo and video equipment that can be used by students (free rent) for their projects.
  • 3D printers, VR equipment and lab, mostly used by Multimedia and Game development students.
  • IoT and robotics laboratory with numerous equipment (robots, smart home and smart city devices, many of which are either laboratory based or implemented within the campus, while some are also available on-line and are in real use throughout the city) used by Software Engineering and Data Science students.


Algebra University College has been located since September 2009 at the premises of the University Campus in Zagreb, Ilica st. 242. Here, in superbly renovated and equipped structures from the early 20th century, the contrast between new technologies and longstanding architecture makes a stimulating and dynamic environment. With over 2500 square meters of space currently available, the Algebra University College seeks to raise the standards of equipment and design of professional higher education institutions in Croatia.

University Campus facilities include conference auditoriums, student classrooms and up-to-date computer laboratories with latest software and network components, continuous Internet access, sound and video conferencing equipment and air-conditioning. Available to students and lecturers as a place for work and study is also an Algebra internal library with books and magazines on computing and information science, digital marketing and business, and open virtual access to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) library system.

There are also spacious lounge areas for rest, relaxation and refreshment equipped with modern and comfortable furniture, coffee & tea vending machines and open Wi-Fi Internet access. Some University Campus apartments are newly furnished and may provide quality accommodation for quite a few students and teachers who wish to work and stay here.


Steve Jobs Auditorium is the main e-Leadership MBA conference and student classroom within the University Campus. Its flexible fittings and organizational setup may simultaneously facilitate different type of conference, meeting, round-table, classroom and free seating arrangements. The Steve Jobs Auditorium is equipped with up-to-date computer, software and network components, continuous Wi-Fi Internet access, sound and video conferencing equipment and air-conditioning. It may comfortably be used for virtual remote lectures and/or virtual class and conference participation. Hands-on is also a specialized internal bookshelf with open access to books and magazines on digital technology, business and leadership. A convenient self-serving lounge area inside the Steve Jobs Auditorium is furnished with coffee & tea machines, soft drinks and snacks, and continually available to students and lecturers while on class or guests on site.