The Croatian Language and Culture course will help students learn the very basics of Croatian and offer an excellent insight into the Croatian culture. Students will learn to read a well-balanced selection of Croatian texts, with an aim of practicing the phonological rules of the language. They will, moreover, learn to write and use key conversational phrases that can help them know their way around while in Croatia. The special emphasis in the course is put on tidbits about famous Croatians and Croatian history, geography, cuisine and more!

About the course

Students will acquire the basic knowledge and skills that will bring the Croatian Language and Culture closer to them. The benefit of the course is the strengthening of students’ cultural competence, taking into account different cultural circles that intersect at the territory of Croatia.  Moreover, the course will also add a practical value in terms of enabling students to use the language in social activities and when interacting with locals during their stay in Croatia. All in all, the course aims to prepare students for everyday basic communication, as well as introduce them to Croatian customs, culture and history.

The main teaching material used is a reader with integrated workbook, which offers a compilation of short conversations with related tasks, illustrations and the glossary at the end. Other teaching materials include quizzes, short videos, songs and presentations. Since the course is designed to combine fun with learning, teaching methods are highly interactive. Different interaction patterns are used in various activities, so students have a chance to work on their own, in pairs and in a team, competing against each other.

Having completed the course, students will acquire basic grammar and vocabulary skills, as well as a selected array of conversational functions and thus form a solid basis for further developing and practicing their language skills. Students will also remember historical, cultural and geographical facts about Croatia. The prerequisite for receiving the ECTS credits is the oral assessment – a project about a historical/cultural/linguistic concept that students have to do and present in pairs or small groups of three.

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