The module will introduce students to digital marketing strategies and user behavior, from content marketing to search, social and analytical tools used to track the success of digital campaigns.

About the module

The digital revolution completely changed the way organizations approach their core business, from creating products and services, managing customers to marketing and sales. Digital platforms introduce new ways of communication with customers allowing companies to tailor products and services to customer’s needs in a more agile manner. In a way, digital marketing changed traditional marketing, making it faster, more precise, real-time and data driven. The tools that digital marketing experts use every day allow us to execute digital campaigns targeting audiences across the world much more efficiently and with smaller budgets than in traditional marketing.

In this module, we are going to examine the basic concepts of digital strategy, starting from understanding a company business model, products, customers, markets and business goals as well as how to accomplish company marketing goals on digital platforms.

The topics covered by the Digital Marketing module include understanding the consumer, grasping cross-platform communication, goals and metrics, web optimization, user research techniques such as SEO, advertising on Google Ads and YouTube, measuring success with Google Analytics as well as using social media channels to position a brand in the digital world.


Vanja Šebek is Head of the Digital Marketing study program at Algebra University College. Since 2014, Vanja is one of 150 Google certified trainers in the world, primarily working on training courses dealing with the use of Google AdWords and Google Analytics tools as well as the management of digital marketing campaigns within the Academy of Google AdWords conducted by Algebra in collaboration with Google Croatia.

Through this type of training, Vanja has trained more than 750 participants and 30 agencies. Vanja is also the founder of DIBS digital agency and the author of several professional articles in the field of web design and marketing.

Croatian language & culture


The Croatian Language and Culture module will help you learn the very basics of Croatian and offer an excellent insight into Croatian culture. You will learn to read and write some of the most important Croatian words, as well as learn key conversational phrases. You will also learn tidbits about famous Croatians and Croatian history, geography, cuisine and more.

Don’t let Croatian catch you by surprise. Expect the unexpected!

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