DIHUB is an Algebra University College project that encourages development of cloud based solutions and the use of cloud technology.

A huge number of companies have an issue with infrastructure and it’s difficult for them to plan the data storage needed to keep up the pace with their growth. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, such companies have to resort to paying large fees to big public computing platforms (e.g. ones offered by Microsoft or Amazon) for a data storage packages on their infrastructure.

Marin Miletić and Karlo Bertina, a duo of young experts, therefore developed Orbit. Orbit is a cloud management service that offers the same experience as those by Microsoft or Amazon but is much simpler to use and comes at the lower price. It is intended for growing companies that already have their own data storage infrastructure and want to connect and control it via one simple interface. The additional benefit of Orbit is a customizable modular approach making the offer and price tailor made for different clients. To learn more about the project visit: