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DIHUB project

The first DIHUB project team meeting was held in December 2019 in Helsinki. The aim of this pan-European project is to develop a digital platform that will promote innovative ways of education and business excellence. A real European task based on Cloud solutions and 5G technologies. The list of partners is impressive and we are proud that Algebra LAB works with Finnish colleagues from Business College Helsinki, The Hague-Helia Ammattikorke akoulu and Helsingin seudun kauppamakari, with Portuguese Innova Innovation Services and Associacao para o polo das tecnologias da informaco comunica vocational education center and AS BCS Koolitus and Bulgarian Sdrudzenie znam i moga and Bulgarian Romanian chamber of commerce and industry. Along with the LAB in Helsinki, there were also colleagues from the Croatian Employers' Association. Read more about the project at: