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Algebra LAB is an open innovation lab - a meeting place of all the key elements needed for successful innovations. A place that offers applied research, entrepreneurial education and mentors, a network of professional contacts, top experts of different profiles (from artists to scientists and engineers), a network for knowledge dissemination and a unique shared space that supports continuous interaction and exchange of ideas.

We welcome to our space all curious and creative business entities of all sizes, from start-up projects to public institutions and experts from the world of digital technologies and business, with proven experience in providing business and technical services.

Our activities are aimed towards innovative services which strive to activate, support and stimulate business use, as well as business evaluation of the results in this digital revolution. Our competencies, proven expertise and experience, serve to transform scientific research and digital technologies into business opportunities. Algebra LAB combines sector expertise, technological competence and top-level business practices to create new and effective business solutions for all the challenges of the digital age.

Using the academic strength of the entire Algebra Group, Algebra LAB develops transparent and financially efficient responses to important business and social challenges. We provide a qualitative contribution to the progress of individuals, companies and the wider community, with the help of applied knowledge in the field of digital technologies. Algebra LAB is a strategic partner for the private and public sector for all digitalization and digital transformation issues.

We offer new educational modules and incubation programs for entrepreneurs and start-up projects, and Research & Development opportunities for investors, as well as the private and public sector. By combining the power of scientific research with a 20-year-old tradition in the field of education, Algebra LAB is a lively place where you will find inspiration and idea for the existing business, or support and professional leadership to create new business opportunities, all for the purpose of creating new value in the field of advanced digital technology .