Current business development projects

From predictive analysis of the labor market and geo-location systems, through the assessment and analysis of investment efficiency, to the control of key production factors - we provide professional support and develop practical, applicable solutions for improving the private and public sector business.

Control panel system for monitoring key production factors

Managing production procedures often requires dedication to detail, and is often not easy to achieve.

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Sales, warehouse and market management system

Advanced analytics and interactive visualization methods don’t need to be reserved for large companies or companies with large budgets. With smart metering, it’s possible to balance needs and technology in a way that is appropriate to different clients.

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Early Warning System in Public Procurement Procedures Prototype

The purpose of this research is to describe an intelligent public procurement system that allows detection of anomalies based on indicators obtained by extraction and transformation of data from electronic advertisement, further enriched with data from various external sources.

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Intelligent service for individual or massive real estate assessment

Since there is currently no official property classification in the Republic of Croatia or a standardized set of real estate properties, and the state administration has a need for them in different areas, market providers are expected to provide support in the process of developing official real estate classification and a standard set of real estate properties through mass real estate assessment systems to provide services arising from such a platform (e.g. introducing real estate tax or basis for creating a ).

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Analysis of market trends in the field of labor and education using advanced analytics and “big data”

The labor market in recent years is characterized by exceptional dynamics. In such circumstances, it is a special challenge to track trends, provide timely and relevant information and, monitor projections to ensure a quality support needed by all market players.

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Digital data platform as a basis for understanding market trends in tourism

The massive acceptance of technology has contributed to the mobility of users and has affected the tourism sector in which the increasing number of processes and transactions takes place electronically. Users leave "footprints" during all activities related to exploration of destination, choosing the destination, road organization, activities at the destination, experiences during the process, and recommendations related to experience and quality of service.

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Application of the NLP technique and machine learning to support automatic routing of postal items

Business optimization and ongoing work on technology usage is one of the priority goals of a successful business. The development and availability of technology with timely engagement in refining the overall service portfolio by using data opens up a whole new dimension in which data becomes the "most valuable asset of the company" and by means of which they create tools that improve all channels of sales and significantly contribute to strategic goals through new business models.

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Business Management and Financial Planning System (CPM)

The Corporate Performance Management (CPM) system a company's financial performance monitoring and tracking tool that is associated with the implementation of an innovative business process tracking and business planning at various levels of the company, from service centers and business areas to individual projects. Business Performance Management (CPM) is an area of business intelligence that is involved in tracking and managing the organization's performance according to the most important performance indicators such as revenue, return on investment, overheads, and operating costs.

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Analysis of the promotional campaign investment efficiency

Based on the requirements of AGB Nielsen Media Research (Croatia), Nielsen Ad Insights was developed, the latest type of report based on television metering data using the Peoplemeter TAM system.

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