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How we help our clients

At Algebra LAB, we use the full power of digital technology to create a new value in your business. Depending on the business sector, digital technology already affects your business, and only about 10% of companies still do not feel the impact of changes that arise from the application of information technology.

Terms such as “digital transformation” have been following us for years, along with ERP, CRM or SCM abbreviations. The ways and contents of communication are changing, both with customers and with the employees. Micro and small technology entrepreneurs make it possible, with good management of ideas, to enter the market of large suppliers very quickly. Bitcoin in the financial industry, various application solutions in telecommunications and digital media in publishing, are just some of the obvious examples. Pressure of technology dramatically changes the strength of the market.

What we offer our clients:

  • help in adopting and implementing cutting-edge technologies and trends
  • support in corporate innovation management
  • integration into the tech community

In order to be able to keep up with the required level of innovation, it sometimes seems that you would have to have a R&D department and that is financially most often difficult to justify and, therefore, very challenging to achieve at a level that guarantees results. Algebra LAB is part of the Algebra Group, which is home to the Algebra College of Higher Education with over 400 lecturers, scientists and artists – top experts in various areas of digital technology. Our experts will support your needs in a whole range of areas: from information systems and computer security, through digital sculpture, software and system engineering, to the development of multimedia, computer games and advanced data (big data). All of them are at your disposal to develop your digital business strategies, whether it’s a new product or service, or innovation in upgrading and digitizing existing business processes.

Our activities enable clients to:

  • a thorough insight into the technological trends and demands that arise from them
  • support in identifying and testing new technological solutions and ideas
  • helping to create new partnerships

The new business idea for your company might just be hideing in a start-up. Our activities are therefore geared to overcoming existing constraints and finding the best solutions for entering new markets, finding new partners, and applying business solutions by using digital technology. Particularly we are interested in areas of blockchain technology and advanced data (big data).

Using the blockachain concept – you have heard of the term but you are not sure how it is applicable to you? Blockchain technology today is used in various industries such as food production, banking services, entertainment and gaming industry, legal services, publishing, education, insurance, real estate trading and many others. Blockchain brings radical changes in the area of communication and information and content transfer (within the company, to clients, between clients) and includes crypto currencies, smart deals, cybersecurity protocols, digital authentication, privacy protection, large amount of sensitive data storage and the like. The possibilities of using blockchain technology are currently unlimited, and their particular appeal is manifested in a high level of security and a large reduction in operating costs.

On the other hand, in today’s business and management advanced analytics are irreplaceable. Every organization today (consciously or unconsciously) produces large amounts of data, but only a small number of organizations really know how to use it efficiently. Our advanced analytics experts will show you how to use data to expand market opportunities, increase sales, significantly accelerate existing business processes, and make important business decisions with a reduced risk factor. In order for your data to become a market advantage, it is necessary to collect, organize, apply adequate data taxonomy, manage data, visualize content from management and ultimately integrate data. Our specialists will guide you in this process and teach you to use tools that will enable you to make business decisions transparently and with confidence.