Image for DIHUB project makes baristas happy!

DIHUB project makes baristas happy!

A cool new DIHUB sponsored project that will make every barista jump from joy.

[DIHUB] The main driving goal of coffe shop and restaurant owners is to have satisfied guests who will always be happy to return, but they also want to reduce the costs of the running business. The menue is one of the basic tools for presenting the facility and its’ offer. But, the needs of today's customers are growing and are ever so harder to meet.

Therefore, Nikola Srića Žic, Mate Kovilić and Jakov Gudec designed Pocketmenu - an innovative digital application that will allow coffe shop and restaurant owners to adjust and enrich their menu every day, introduce guests to different daily offers, add various promotional materials in different digital formats and allow customers to filter the menu according to their own wishes and needs, enable them to find out the nutritional value of each dish and simply order the desired dish via its own smartphone. Amazing, isn't it? More about the DIHUB project: