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Follow the Algebra LAB Final Pitching Contest!

The final pitch is a big event in the life of every startup incubator and its teams. It is a moment of truth in which the startup idea finally comes before investors. Therefore, it should be presented as well as possible in order for investors to invest in its further development. Not an easy task!

However, we prepared our LAB startup teams very well for that moment. They know the best sales and presentation techniques and they know that they have to make their idea attractive in the first minute of the presentation.

September 28th you will have the opportunity to feel the excitement and the atmosphere of a real investment "pitch". On that day, our startup teams will meet in front of potential investors in the Aula Magna (3rd floor of the "black" building on the Algebra campus) and present them their ideas and projects. It is a great opportunity to win funds to turn the idea into a product ready for the market.

Sign up and follow this unique event of the final "pitch" of LAB startup teams and see how they present their project to investors.