Image for InnORBIT– Delivering Space Innovation Concepts to the Local Ecosystem

InnORBIT– Delivering Space Innovation Concepts to the Local Ecosystem

Algebra's team is proud to participate in the InnORBIT project, which is part of Horizon 2020 - the largest research and innovation programme in the European Union that fosters smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth. The aim of the project is to strengthen and launch sustainable, innovative initiatives to commercialise space exploration. The first step along the way is to implement the Capacity Building Program in the Algebra LAB team.

The Capacity Building Program (CBP) is one of our key interests in the project, as this strengthens our own capacities to support and mentor startups and entrepreneurs. This is the 14th year in a row for mentoring startups as part of the AlgebraLAB startup incubator, and the InnORBIT project will strengthen Algebra's incubator's capacity to work with entrepreneurs whose ideas are associated with commercializing space-related research. Although the startup ecosystem of Croatia is very developed, the commercialization of space exploration is not very intense. That is why we strive to strengthen our own capacities in order to successfully encourage entrepreneurs to participate in the commercialization of space exploration afterwards.

In addition, Algebra will organize online events from February to June 2022 - Space Cafes. All interested parties will have the opportunity to listen to excellent lectures by experienced lecturers and experts from the InnORBIT team. Every month, the Space Cafe will have a different theme, where topics will range, for example, to the potential of using space exploration and data in agriculture, location services, how to provide state-of-the-art 5G technology, and the like.

After strengthening its own capacities and raising public awareness of the potential of space exploration, Algebra will start the Business Support Program (BSP). This program will include startups and entrepreneurs with the aim of encouraging them to develop business solutions using space research and thus contribute to the development of the Croatian market.

InnORBIT is a very important and innovative project because of all the activities that are ahead of us, especially important for raising awareness of the potential of space exploration. We will certainly continue to report on the progress of the project and the maintenance of our Space Cafes!!

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