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A good relationship with the economy is extremely important to us, so this year we are putting an emphasis on a cooperation with one of the largest Croatian companies – INA d.d. In addition to the joint workshops and hackathons that will be executed through Algebra LAB, teams in the incubator will be able to contact experts from different fields where INA d.d. operates very successfully.

Algebra Lab logo-INA Support for teams

INA d.d. is one of the largest Croatian companies with activities in oil and gas exploration, production, refining, distribution and retail. INA’s strength lies in the integration of activities across the chain from oil and gas exploration activities to delivery of the final product to customers through a retail network that has more than 500 retail locations in Croatia and neighboring countries visited by more than 200.000 customers every day. INA’s activities cross the borders of Croatia and take place on land and at sea, and their complexity gives opportunity to different professions and ideas.

INA d.d. is ready to financially support and invest in new business ideas from various fields. Learn more about the incubator program, sign up and develop your projects and ideas!

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