Image for Kids in Clouds – project which aims to introduce cloud-computing to kids

Kids in Clouds – project which aims to introduce cloud-computing to kids

We are witnessing very challenging school times that have brought many changes to teachers and students. Faced with the pandemic, teachers and students were forced to adapt to remote learning and digital technologies in a very short time. Therefore, it is very important to introduce students to cloud computing at an early age – in order for them to naturally adopt this way of learning and working.

Therefore, we are extremely proud that Algebra University College is the lead partner of the Kids in Clouds project that aims to introduce children with cloud-based environment as early as the first grade of the primary school. The basic premise of the project is that students should encounter cloud computing at the beginning of education in order to easily adopt it.

We are also very happy because this is a great opportunity to cooperate with Croatian and schools abroad, as well as with their teachers. Our partners in this project are Elementary School Horvati (Zagreb, Croatia), Elementary School Ludina (Velika Ludina, Croatia), College Jules Reydellet (Saint-Denis, France) and SU „Sv. Sv. Cyril and Methodius (Smolyan, Bulgaria) and their interdisciplinary teams.

In cooperation with our partners, we will create educational modules about cloud-computing. Project result will be a repository of open-education resources on cloud computing for non-ICT teachers to be used in non-ICT classes. In addition, we will create an online repository of educational materials for students as a series of small-scale projects for different school age groups, which can be used in different classes. All newly developed educational materials for teachers and students will be developed in one, and piloted in another country, to ensure that everything we produce is transnationally applicable and can satisfy the needs of very different national educational systems.

As this is really important and current topic, we will regularly report on the progress of the project!