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MELIA Observatory – online workshops for project partners!

We successfully completed a series of online workshops for the partners of the MELIA Observatory project, which is part of the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme. During the workshops, we talked about the functionality of the tools we prepared - a multifunctional web platform that allows you to find out the sentiment of texts published in social networks and news portals. This means that the purpose of the platform is to analyze texts and identify positive and negative news as well as fake news and hate speech. The workshops we conducted consisted of two parts. First, we discussed all the features of the MELIA Observatory platform, and then we presented a test tool that will allow us to further improve the platform.

During the meeting, partners were able to dive into the technical details of our web platform. We also answered on some technical questions, including the number of words contained in the database, the principles of combining different code algorithms of the platform, and how the platform concludes that the word used in a particular context is positive or negative. The partners received answers to these and other questions. In practice, they saw that the MELIA Observatory platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) tools that allow users to easily identify the sentiment of different types of media messages, thus strengthening media literacy. Later in the meeting, partners were given instructions on how to test the platform. We showed them a simple tool they can use, thanks to which we will get opinions on the functionality and usability of the platform, among other things, in order to improve it.

We are now looking forward to our partners' reactions to the MELIA Observatory platform!