Image for MELIA project for increasing media literacy!

MELIA project for increasing media literacy!

Electronic media and social networks are part of our everyday lives, and information has never been more accessible to us. However, unfortunately, we have all come across "fake news" and hate speech in the online media. How to identify manipulative information and unreliable news sources? How to detect and prevent hate speech? How to strengthen media literacy?

These, as well as many other questions related to media literacy, will be answered by Algebra's project partners within the MELIA project.

The main goal of the project is to establish a kind of „observatory“ for media literacy that will provide media consumers with tools for better insight into the nature of media content and thus strengthen their media literacy.

Project partners meeting was held on 9th February 2021. During the meeting, Algebra team presented an action plan for implementation activities for which Algebra is the responsible partner. Partners will be devoted to development of an online platform for automatic sentiment analysis and detection of hate speech using AI-enhanced tools and algorithms.

At a time when we can access various information, but we lack a mechanism to check it's reliability this sort of platforms are crucially important!

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