Image for US Ambassador Mr. Kohorst visits Algebra LAB


US Ambassador Mr. Kohorst visits Algebra LAB

US Ambassador Robert W. Kohorst visited Algebra LAB to get acquainted with the work of our scientific research center, incubator and the progress of the current generation of startup teams, and to discuss with the guests about issues related to entrepreneurship and possible improvements in economic cooperation between Croatian and American companies. In his address, he talked about his specific business and entrepreneurial ventures, illustrating through them that the American business system is one of the most successful in the world.

“Even if you fail at a job or a project, the only mistake you can make is not to draw conclusions or learn something. If you do not succeed, try again, at least not again. Correct what was wrong, do not repeat the same mistakes. American business culture is like that and is significantly different from the Croatian one. Croatia has all the prerequisites for success, but I think it lacks such an attitude and more readiness to business risk, “Kohorst said.

As part of a meeting with the US Ambassador, three startup teams from the current generation in the Algebra LAB incubator presented their ideas and business plans: “SmartWaiter” – a digital ordering system for hotels, JayOne – an online community for students who wish to work and travel to the United States (Summer Work and Travel), and “PP” – 3D modeling and production of fashion accessories at the junction of innovation and the culture of tradition.


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