Image for We have successfully completed the KnowING IPR project!

We have successfully completed the KnowING IPR project!

We proudly announce that AlgebraLAB and project partners have successfully completed the KnowING IPR, project that was part of the Interreg Danube Transnational Program! In the previous months, together with the project partners, we have worked intensively on activities aiming towards strengthening the impacts of the project. Thus, many start-ups and SMEs from the Danube region had the opportunity to join the activities and expand their knowledge about intellectual property rights (IPR).

Since May 2021, Algebra LAB and project partners were dedicated to raising the results of the KnowING IPR project to a higher level. Namely, the main goal of the KnowING IPR project was to improve framework conditions for innovation in the Danube region by developing an open access tool for advanced IPR analysis and creating the guidelines for improved and harmonized IPR policy framework across the Danube region.

One of the project achievements are newly developed additional educational materials, that interested start-ups and SMEs used to expand their knowledge about software patenting and innovation management. Project partners organized two cycles of TechTransfer Summer School online education. In addition, over 20 start-ups and SMEs from the Danube region have applied to participate in the Mentoring program of the KnowING IPR project. Program participants had the opportunity to find out more about the project and the tool for the IPR analysis at the initial online event of the Mentoring program. Afterwards, start-ups and SMEs participated in the individual sessions with mentors - IPR experts. These sessions were an excellent opportunity for start-ups and SMEs to find out how to develop their ideas and protect their own intellectual property at the same time. Since most of the registered program participants are software developers, mentoring sessions were mostly dedicated to the software patenting.

Final event of the KnowING IPR project took place on 20th December 2021. During the event, the main project results that were reached in the past three and a half years were highlighted. In addition, the main speakers discussed all segments of the KnowING IPR area of impacts, innovation, development, entrepreneurship, transnational cooperation, funding policies, technology transfer and IP patent data.

We are happy that, together with the project partners, we had the opportunity to involve a significant number of stakeholders in the project and introduce them to the benefits of the KnowING IPR project results. It is also important that an initiative like this has made a concrete progress and created practical solutions in the field of IPR. This, we are sure, has contributed to the improvement of the conditions for innovation, and we believe that in such conditions it will be easier to innovate and contribute to further technological and social prosperity of the Danube region.

Big thanks to all project partners for their contribution!

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