Image for WeSpeak application, part of DIHUB project!

WeSpeak application, part of DIHUB project!

As a part of DIHUB project Algebra students devised a therapy that stimulates the development of speech, cognitive and motor-physical abilities in a fun way.

Parents of children with speech and language difficulties often face the challenge of attending exercises, especially in uncertain times such as the current one. Apart from physical therapy, parents do not have the opportunity to perform other forms of exercise at home that are equally important.

Play is a natural environment for children in which they learn the easiest and fastest. Playing in the function of learning enables children with disabilities to develop speech and language competencies and achieve better academic success.

Therefore, in collaboration with a speech therapist from Suvag, Algebra students Rudolf Gumzej, Boren Dujnić, Kristijan Kožul and Šimun Peša designed WeSpeak - a therapeutic application in digital form that allows parents to perform exercises with their children in their own home, which encourages them in a fun way through various game, speech development, cognitive and motor-physical abilities. More on DIHUB project at: