What do we offer?

How does the incubator life look like?

What do we offer?

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In a nutshell, the incubator is - very lively. Let us know if you are willing to embark on a new adventure and think that you have what it takes.

In the process of selecting among all received applications, we ask you to show us the value that your business idea brings and the willingness to fully dedicate your own progress. We will invest knowledge, time, and resources into your idea, and we also expect you to do so as well.

After selecting you, enter the four-month incubation cycle during which you participate in our workshops and intensively, on a weekly basis, work with the mentor assigned to you, depending on your subject and preferences. Together with you we will develop your business strategy, prototype services or products, market research, and connect you with the business world. Through networking, learn how to deal with problems with community colleagues and how to position yourself to different providers of goods and services.

With a rounded and shaped business idea, you enter the market: we organize a series of events that will allow you to present yourself to the public. It is up to you to leave the best possible impression as the goal is to be perceived both by customers and competitors, the media and the investors. In this way, you will be able to achieve the most beneficial partnerships, which can be the key to your ultimate success. Finally, this is the moment: a demo-day. Present your idea to the audience of mentors, potential investors and the business community. And after that come congratulations and champagne!