Moving to a Service Management Model: Where has “IT” gone?

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  • DURATION: 8 školskih sati
  • WHEN: 5. 11. 2019., s početkom u 9h
  • PRICE: 1.500,00 kn
  • LECTURER: Suzanne van Hove

Suzanne D. Van Hove is a Adjunct Professor of Statistical Analysis and Research Design at the Kelley School of Business.
She received her EdD in Human Development and Counseling from School of Education, Boston University, in 1990. Before joining Kelley faculty, Suzanne was an Assistant Professor at Murray State University (1995), Lecturer and Visiting Assistant Professor at University of Luisville (1997).
Her business experiences include positions of CEO & Founder of SED-IT (Louisville), IT Service Management education, assessment and consulting services company, Head of Service Management Services at Innovation Value Institute (IVI) and IT Consultant as VP-Education at Knowledge Transfer (Chicago).

What shall we learn
IT departments are no longer just supporting internal business but are expected to outsource new products and services based on disruptive digital technologies. How to apply new models of IT management services to organizations at a time when IT departments must not only focus on internal users but also on efforts to digitize business?
To whom this seminar is intended for This is for all those who work in IT departments of organizations of varying sizes and meet the daily challenges of managing IT departments, communicating with internal users or challenging the disruptive technology and strategic goals of the organization.

Potrebna predznanja
Candidates must understand strategic thinking and/or strategic assessment and be able to define current risks in their organization.

Više o sadržaju
This workshop will focus on developing and sustaining an across-organization view of Service Management with illustrations and exercises to advance the application of traditional service management practices to the entire organization. The VeriSM™ model will provide the foundation with core information/exercises to support organization-wide service management (governance, service management principles) and then provide concepts of how to capitalize on the in-place organizational capabilities to effectively deliver products or services to the consumer market. The workshop will end with a re-cap of changes and advances in current service management frameworks (e.g., ITIL®, COBIT®, CMMI-SVC®), standards (ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018) and methodologies (Agile, DevOps, Lean, Shift Left, Continuous Delivery, Customer/User experience…) and their effective uses. A short case study will be used so to illustrate some of the principles and the VeriSM Model. All techniques are immediately applicable to the current work environments.

Participants should bring their laptops for practical use.


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