• 15 years of MBA study program
  • 17 modules study program
  • 2 year graduate (master) specialized program
  • 120 alumni community members
  • 40 faculty members and experts
  • 100% alumni employed after graduation

ALGEBRA e-leadership MBA study, is a part of the Algebra University College dedicated to meet the need for high-quality business education aiming to address the challenges in leading organizations in era of digital economy.

Main goal of the study is successful organization, execution and further development of the e-Leadership MBA as an accredited professional graduate study program provided by Algebra University College.

Mission of ALGEBRA e-leadership MBA is also to serve as a national reference and competence center for e-Leadership, strategic management, business transformation and innovation in digital economy, as well as reliable business partner to local and international entrepreneurs and companies.

ALGEBRA e-leadership MBA is located within the Algebra University College at the University Campus in Zagreb.

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