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Algebra University College

The Algebra University College has been established in 2007 as a private not for profit educational institution and soon after became recognized as a part of the official higher education system of the Republic of Croatia. The founder of the Algebra University College is the Algebra Education Group, the largest national provider of adult and lifelong learning programs that has evolved and remained over the years as the leading regional computing and information technology educational center.

Today, Algebra University College enrolls more than 250 students a year in the following study programs:

Undergraduate professional program (Bachelor)

Graduate professional program (Master)


The curricula of all the professional study programs at Algebra University College are fully compliant with the ECTS credit system (Bologna Declaration) and are integral part of the official higher education system in Republic of Croatia, accredited by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

Algebra University College currently has over 100 teaching staff, lecturers and associate lecturers with reputable academic and business sector backgrounds. Quality evaluation results obtained through regular institutional re-accreditation conducted by the National Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE), approve Algebra University College as one of the best professional higher educational institutions in the Republic of Croatia.

Algebra University College is located at the premises of the University Campus in Zagreb.

Algebra Education Group

Algebra Education Group is the leading national and regional provider of formal and informal, adult and lifelong learning programs specialized in education for digital technologies. It has been established in 1998 by a group of computer engineers and enthusiasts as an IT Training Center. Today Algebra Open University, as the main member of the Group, provides some 18.000 student courses annually, runs a network of some 25 educational and testing sites throughout Croatia and has permanent staff of some 60 full-time employees on board and more than 400 regular professional associates.

Algebra Open University is also the largest national ICT and technical certification and testing center (ECDL, Prometric & VUE). Throughout the years, Algebra Open University has become the most important regional educational and certification partner of Adobe, Autodesk, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, VMware and other leading global technology vendors. Its quality standard has been attested and confirmed in 2004 by clients and all major software manufacturers with introduction and implementation of ISO 9001:2000 certification.

In 2014 Algebra Open University has received a wide international recognition when awarded the Microsoft Partner of the Year as the best educational organization worldwide (amongst 3200 competing organizations).

14 years of higher education

3 undergraduate
study programs

3 graduate (master)
study programs

800 students

140 faculty and experts

94% alumni
employed after graduation

competed globally,
among which
Algebra was
pronounced best
educational partner
by Microsoft