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International Graduate Business School (IgBS)

International Graduate Business School (IgBS), is a part of the Algebra University College designed to meet the need for high-quality management education, support and research in the field of e-Leadership, business transformation and innovation in the digital economy.

It has been established in 2003 by the Zagreb Institute of Economics (EIZ) in academic partnership with Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, pursuant to the Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation between the United States of America and the Republic of Croatia. Since then, a total of 119 students in seven generations from a variety of local and global business sectors have attended and successfully completed the International MBA Program at IgBS and proudly continue to contribute to the IgBS e-Leadership MBA and Algebra Alumni community.

In 2015 Algebra has obtained IgBS from its initial founder (EIZ) committed to continue and reaffirm its educational and business mission. The Algebra University College is a private, publicly accredited not for profit higher education institution which runs a number (variety) of undergraduate and specialized professional graduate studies in digital technologies. It was established by a private founder in 2007 and received its public license from the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports in June 2008. In May 2016 the newly shaped and reinvented e-Leadership MBA curriculum (program) at Algebra University College has received a positive evaluation and accreditation recommendation issued by the Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE).

Today, IgBS operates as one of the organizational segments within the Algebra University College. Its e-Leadership MBA Program has successfully started off in November 2016 and enjoys the full support of its initial founder (EIZ) so as continuous and uninterrupted cooperation with Kelley School of Business faculties.

IgBS is located within the Algebra University College at the University Campus in Zagreb.

15 years of MBA
study program

17 modules
study program

2 year graduate (master)
specialized program

120 alumni community members

40 faculty members and experts

100% alumni
employed after graduation