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Algebra University College and e-leadership MBA study programme are proudly associated with some worldwide bespoke Academic and Business Partners, Initiatives and Alliances:

Kelley School of Business

Kelley School of Business (Indiana University), is one of the leading USA and international business schools. It was founded in 1920, and since than runs one of the first and still one of the most prominent USA and international MBA programs today. In more than 100 years of excellence in business education it has developed an impressive portfolio of MBA skills, including a good knowledge of business operations, an excellent quantitative methodology, a proficiency in human resource management, an understanding of microeconomics and macroeconomics, a comprehension of the legal and ethical aspects of management, the principles of business communication and leadership, a propensity for sustainable development and ethical business practices, and an apprehension of risk management. These skills formed the core of the MBA education in the 20th century. Kelley faculty supports IgBS MBA since 2003 and their partnership contribution continues at ALGEBRA e-Leadership MBA.


EU e-Leadership Initiative

The European Commission has started it in 2013 and altogether more than 3,500 stakeholders were involved in this initiative. They were engaged in more than 25 events and stakeholder dialogues. 25 universities and business schools successfully used an assessment tool for program evaluation towards e-leadership curriculum profiles. First guidelines for curriculum development for e-leadership skills were developed and are now made available at The European Commission is continuing these activities under the name of ‘leadership skills for the high-tech economy’ run by empirica( together with PwC, IDC and Carl Frey and Thor Berger from the Oxford Martin School at Oxford University. This activity is currently developing a European long-term agenda on ‘Leadership skills for a high-tech economy’.



empirica is a private research and consultancy firm supporting innovation with new information technology across a wide, international area of economic activity, including eSkills & Work. empirica provides research and consultancy enabling clients in the public and private sectors internationally to succeed in innovation with new information and communication technology. Fostering talent is key to competitiveness and to employment. empirica helps exploit innovation in skills enhancement, design organizational innovations and help policy and private sector clients to match education and training with technological development and evolving requirements of learners and employers. Amending the mismatch between the skills available and those demanded for the digital transformation of the economy has been a key priority since the European Commission developed their long term e-skills strategy. In December 2013 European Commission has awarded a service contract to a consortium led by empirica to undertake research and promote e-leadership in Europe (LEAD).


AmCham Croatia

American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Croatia is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization with over 190 members and an accredited affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington and AmChams in Europe (ACE) network. AmCham provides its members the opportunity to expand their business and government contacts, exchange useful information, enhance community goodwill and to use other AmCham’s services.


MBA Croatia

Master of Business Administration Croatia is a national association of MBA students and alumni (short name: MBA Croatia). It has been established in June 2009 as an organization of highly educated business professionals who have either attended or completed some of the accredited MBA programs. Organization provides lectures, internal workshops, conferences and networking to its members.


CISCO Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy is an innovative global initiative that provides students with knowledge and skills in the field of information and communication technologies and was launched and supported by Cisco Systems. Today, the program includes more than 12,000 academies in more than 165 countries around the world (more than 2 million students across the world since 1997). Cisco Networking Academy educational programs are designed with the intention of offering students knowledge and skills needed to design, develop and maintain computer networks. In addition to basic knowledge about computer networks, students can learn about more demanding programs and specialize in particular segments of network technologies (security of network systems, work with wireless networks, etc.).


Microsoft IT Academy

Microsoft IT Academy is a global IT educational program designed to help schools in order to ensure the success of its students and teachers.
Access to the latest resources in education through Microsoft technologies makes it easy for teachers to prepare students for the labor market with a large demand for Microsoft technologies.


Oracle Academic Initiative

Oracle globally implements the Oracle Academy Initiative program which gathers 665,000 students and thousands of experts and scientists from 86 countries worldwide. Algebra University College joined the program in its advanced version “Advanced Computer Science” in order to provide its students access to the latest Oracle software as well as implement a part of its curriculum through the use of official Oracle teaching materials especially developed for academic instruction. Since the Oracle technologies are being used and studied in a number of courses held at the University College, students can achieve competitive advantage in the Croatian IT market where Oracle technologies occupy a significant part of the market shares.


EMC Academic Alliance

EMC Academic Alliance program is the basis for cooperation between numerous universities and professional higher education institutions worldwide and EMC, one of the leading global companies in the field of information infrastructure development whose products and services represent the basis for the operation of many companies. Through this partnership, our students will receive the opportunity to introduce themselves to new trends in the field of information infrastructure development, especially in areas such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Information and Storage Management and virtualization using teaching materials, exercises and examples developed by EMC team experts with the help of academic partners from all over the world. These are vendor neutral materials and education programs which bring students closer to concepts and technological solutions that stand behind a series of commercial solutions offered by a number of manufacturers in this fast growing field of IT. Educational contents and technologies available through this partnership represent primarily a foundation for graduate courses such as: The Future of IT Infrastructure Development and Redundancy of IT Services and Applications, in order to ensure that future professional specialists in computer engineering who opt for specializing in the field of IT infrastructure or computer security have access to the latest technological achievements and applied scientific knowledge.

There are number of Algebra IgBS business partners participating in providing support and hands on experience for students through their business plan projects.

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