Experience Algebra MBA, by an American in - Zagreb

Author: Roger Molvar

A MBA degree is a great way to prepare for today’s changing and challenging business environment. As an international student, I chose the Algebra e-Leadership MBA program as its course materials did the very best job of exploring new international business trends, advanced management techniques and digital transformation. I also...

5 Ways to Maintain Focus When Learning Online

Author: Ines Jurković, Managing Director at COBE Tech

I know people from my work that have learned the basics of programming (and more) using nothing but their computers and the Internet. People like them are disciplined and motivated enough to finish a 3-month online course - in 3 months! Crazy, right? Well, I am not one of those people. For the past 5 y...

Believe in yourself. You can.

Author: Maja Pekas

To be honest, I didn’t plan to enroll in a MBA program. I love to develop and improve my knowledge and skills and am regularly attending different educational programs to grow personally and professionally. However, I considered MBA to be out of my reach in a way. I had this unconscious thought somewhere in my mind that I would enroll in it, but when th...

My e-Leadership MBA Scholarship day experience

Author: Maja Dujlović

I have been in the marketing & events industry for about ten years now, during which I have worked on many different projects. My self-assessment before e-Leadership MBA scholarship day was high - I’m very familiar with the market, business topics and very up to date with the information. At e-Leadership MBA scholarship day, I hav...

My MBA experience – would I do it again?

Author: Dimitrije Milojević

To answer this question – yes I definitely would do it again and I would like that it lasts more than it does. To get to the point, please continue reading. Just for the record, I come from Zagreb, work as a lecturer on higher education level and as a lecturer in adult education programs related to project management. I have experi...

Way I experienced MBA

Author: Sandra Anić

EU funds project manager, Aestus d.o.o. „Should you move in the direction of your fear it becomes more and more certain that the strength of fear will disappear “– this was a quote that showed up on my radar just days before MBA Scholarship Finals Day. This was a quote that sealed all doubts I had created for myself while trying to enroll to MBA. Now that...

The FIVE W’s of MBA

Author: Nikola Jelić, Planning and reporting manager at Konzum

Planning and reporting manager at Konzum The FIVE W’s of MBA Who… MBA program is open for any ambitious individual that holds a higher educational degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s and is eager to gain new knowledge and professional skills. Fellow students in my MBA group come from...

Karate, MBA and everything in between

Author: Goran Lučin, Founder and Board Member, Aestus d.o.o.

Goran Lučin is the winner of this year's Algebra e-Leadership MBA Scholarship Contest and an extremely interesting guy to talk to. Fast, committed and spirited, Goran often travels, but we have managed to stop him for a moment and got a few answers to our questions. So, here’s a bit on Goran's scholarship experie...

How to succeed in business and have fun

Author: Igor Cerinski

1st generation MBA team Free California does not waste time. Since our very first task we were determined to solve mobility and parking problems in city of Zagreb. We have recognized the idea of Karlo Starčević and throught, over one-year-long, joint collaboration idea has become a successsful project, named WePark. We have developed a platform, with smart mobile app as its interface, that...

'The innocent peek through the window'

Author: Ivan Spajić Buturac

Have you always wondered what it would be like to take a big step in your life? I personally stopped wondering. Ever since I've joined multinational corporations, I must admit I've lowered my expectations when it came to big steps. Multinationals do everything big, and you just glide along, not easily impressed after a...

The power of networking = The power of now

Author: Stjepan Vuković

If you ask MBA candidates what are key benefits enrolling to program, probably one of the most quotes answer would be networking. Challenges It sounds easily – you enroll to class, by default expand your professional network, and create new business opportunities. In reality, there is a gap becoming...

'My road to win the mba scholarship'

Author: Damir Prusac

Perfect time for a cold Mojito in a deep pine shadow near the beach and an interesting book in hands. Time to relax, reflect, recharge, and similar things starting with ‘re’... For years, attending an MBA was a personal goal. It was more than just an unwritten line in the resume. It was unsatisfied curiosity and, I must say - a...

My mba experience: 'I felt I could do much more, I had to grow, to share'

Author: Ana Zrno

Last summer, while on the beach with kids, I read about new Algebra's e-leadership MBA. The program sounded great and I realized – this is my MBA adventure! How? No idea yet, no plan, no budget, just a vision. I started the feasibility study – probing questions to my husband and my mother – will...

The Future of Business: How can Algebra MBA help you prepare?

Author: Tanja Džido

With rapid development of technology and disruptions coming at a breakneck pace, it makes you wonder, how can you prepare your skills and career for all these changes? Especially, considering their evident impact on the global economy and individual businesses. One thing we all know for sure is that the days of “school for lear...

Quality Manager and Project manager at Elcon Geraetebau

Author: Denis Redžić

Individual Experience For my Individual Experience case, I would like to describe the process of choosing Algebra MBA degree as the next step in my education. Pre-purchase phase Identifying the need:  As soon as I finished my master’s degree in mechanical engineering, I start...

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