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My MBA experience – would I do it again?

My MBA experience – would I do it again?

Autor: Dimitrije Milojević

To answer this question – yes I definitely would do it again and I would like that it lasts more than it does. To get to the point, please continue reading.

Just for the record, I come from Zagreb, work as a lecturer on higher education level and as a lecturer in adult education programs related to project management. I have experience as a vice dean of one higher education institution and as a principal of an institution for adult education. In my free time I run my own company and trying to get the most out of the Algebra’s MBA. So, please do not ask my girlfriend what she thinks about my schedule.

The first point that I would stress out is the people. Great people. Some of the best professionals in their fields are here as my colleagues. Private entrepreneurs, senior corporate professionals, experts in all kinds of areas. Some of the most knowledge-thirsty people that I met in my life are enlisted on Algebra’s MBA and are in my class, all of them helping me to be a better professional, a better person. And you know what they say about networking… It really helps.

And the lecturers… They are the top of their class. Wait until you get a CV from your lecturer…it is usually 20+ pages long and it leaves an impression. After the module, you don’t know how, but you are even more impressed and honored to have the chance to be a part of this special group and to learn from some of the best lecturers in the world in their fields of study.

People around me ask me a lot how I juggle free and study time and how I manage to finish all of my tasks. Since MBA modules happen over the weekends this is a bit of a challenge. Talking about the weekends, I remember that on a Scholarship Contest (prior to the study itself…) I remember there was one of the MBA alumni’s who said that he misses his MBA weekends and his team. I got the impression that he was telling truth, although a part of me was like “no way that one would value more his MBA program than his free weekend”. Now I see the point. The MBA weekends, each with some 20 hours of lecturing from some of the best lecturers that are out there, gets you so motivated and energetic that when you get back to your work you will instantly try (most of the time, successfully) to implement the skills you gained (and share the knowledge, of course😊). It really works!

To summarize it - there’s no question about the benefits of Algebra’s MBA! It is an opportunity that you get to boost your career, to learn from some of the best and to be a part of a great community that will enrich your life for years to come.