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The Future of Business: How can Algebra MBA help you prepare?

The Future of Business: How can Algebra MBA help you prepare?

Autor: Tanja Džido

With rapid development of technology and disruptions coming at a breakneck pace, it makes you wonder, how can you prepare your skills and career for all these changes? Especially, considering their evident impact on the global economy and individual businesses.

One thing we all know for sure is that the days of “school for learning, then work for life” are gone. To be honest, I'm glad they aren't coming back as I really enjoy learning and exploring new possiblities on Algebra MBA.

Success is a (growth) mindset

As a young female entrepreneur with no background in business I've been faced with a lot of challenges. But, I've realized that in business as in life, you can only solve a challenge with the right mindset. In my case, positive mindset and the the can-do attitude have taken me further than I expected to be. Looking into the future of business, we can only expect more challenges disguised as opportunities to grow. Therefore, it's crucial to adopt a learning mindset and to find MBA programme that is market driven and focused on real business challenges.

You're only as good as your team

They say that the future of business is social and with ever-growing shared economy, no one can argue with that. On the other hand, our society has taught us to work hard and focus on our own tasks and our own results, at the same time encouraging competitiveness. During this e-Leadership MBA I learned that collaboration takes you so much further than competition, and also it feels so much better when success is shared. Most of the courses are collaborative and measure success by team results which means you can be only as good as your team. If you learn to think more like „we“ than „me“, you can count on achieving better results, not only on MBA but in real-life business.

Cross-disciplinary approach

„Jack of all trades, master of none“, used to sound so bad when we were growing up. We pushed so hard to specialize in one thing and master it completely. But with digitalization and changes in business processes, we can no longer afford to be „masters of one“. Especially if we are in charge of a project, a team, department or company. We must familiarize with every aspect of running a successful business: from product, operations, marketing, accounting to HR and leadership. There's no excuses like „I'm not into tech“, or „I'm not into sales“. You have to be successful manager of all trades and a master in leadership. To achieve that, Algebra MBA encourages us to take role in our teams that are maybe not natural to us (ex. introvert to be in charge of presentation and communication expert to be in charge of finances). Getting  out of our comfort zone gives us more confidence and knowledge to at least understand those who work in totally different positions and industries than ours and encourages collaboration through our personal and professional growth.

Technology & entrepreneurship

At this MBA programe we work as a team on our business cases. We're encouraged to pursue real life digital ventures that are customer centric and have market potential. Doing so, we're experiencing real-life business management from scratch to potential market success. We all know that  technology can make life easier, but it can also make things more complicated. Everyone can come up with a great idea, but few can make that idea work in the market faced with real-life challenges.  Through our cases, most importanly, we're learning how to develop complex problem-solving abilities that will be core skill in the future. This makes our MBA experience invaluable.

If you're still dwelling on decision is MBA the right thing for you, let me just say that if you're looking for opportunities and growth, you'll definitely find them at Algebra e-Leadership MBA. Will it score you a promotion or a higher pay at your job? Who knows. Maybe it will inspire you to switch careers or start a business of your own. You never know where it can lead and that's the beauty of it - Learning not just for business but for life.