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Karate, MBA and everything in between

Karate, MBA and everything in between

Autor: Goran Lučin, Founder and Board Member, Aestus d.o.o.

Goran Lučin is the winner of this year's Algebra e-Leadership MBA Scholarship Contest and an extremely interesting guy to talk to. Fast, committed and spirited, Goran often travels, but we have managed to stop him for a moment and got a few answers to our questions. So, here’s a bit on Goran's scholarship experience and a chance for you to learn some more about our new MBA Ambassador.

As an introduction, Goran said - "My name is Goran Lučin, I am Master of economics and co-owner and CEO of Aestus d.o.o. Also, co-owner of start-up company called Forte d.o.o. Besides all that comes with my job, I am interested in sports, more precisely in karate. I am the president and the main coach of the "Metal" karate club from Jurdani, a place that makes part of Matulji municipality. In the club, together with my sister Jelena, I lead a team of some 50 kids. I am into sport myself from the age of 5 and got a successful career as a top athlete. I was a member of national team and captain of the senior karate team. Got quite a number of international, European and national medals. When not working or training I want to contribute to my community by doing what I am competent at. Therefore, for two last years I have been the proud President of the Community of Sports Associations in the Municipality of Matulji."

Goran, tell us how you decided to sign up for Algebra MBA scholarships?

This was rather accidental decision on my part. My colleague Sandra Anić, who also got an Algebra scholarship, decided to apply and talked me into applying together with her. I have accepted the challenge and in the end I can say I am really glad that I did it.

How did you find the whole competition experience?

First of all, I would like to say that the scholarship competition was organized and executed at highest professional level. I maybe did not expect such an approach and such attitude towards the candidates. Like, jury members were people who really are top experts in their fields. After all, I can say I am delighted with the structuring of the whole competition. It was truly challenging and it was expected from the candidates to stay focused at all times which was exhausting at the moments, but definitely worthwhile. At the end of the day, hands down to the whole Algebra team and special thanks to Ivan Conjar, who managed the whole thing with no mistake. Well done, Algebra Team!

What do you expect from MBA study?

I do have high expectations from this MBA study. First and foremost, I want to learn how to manage product development, especially part related to digitization of business processes, because this is extremely important to me. I am a co-owner and executive director of a company whose further development is based on providing services in the development and implementation phase of digitized solutions in business processes. Also, I am looking forward to new acquaintances, new collaborations and creating new business and private contacts that will greatly enrich my business as well as private life.

What are your plans for the future and which role e-Leadership MBA plays in these plans?

Plans for the future are great. As I have already mentioned, I am a co-owner and CEO of Aestus and we are stationed in Rijeka. The company employs 8 people and is currently adapting to the market changes that digital transformation carries with it. Namely, we are working on creating new services in the digital transformation area that will make our customers greatly facilitate and accelerate their workflow through the optimization of processes that now form a bottleneck in their business. I am also co-owner of a start-up company and we aim to become the most efficient accounting / business service for small and medium enterprises. All of this is to be achieved through the development of disruptive innovations. They will optimize and digitize accounting processes and provide our customers with a new insight into the whole of their business. Based on the collected data, it will then be possible to provide consulting management services in order to improve our customers' business. As you can imagine form all this, Algebra e-Leadership MBA study is almost tailor made to achieve my goals.