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Believe in yourself. You can.

Believe in yourself. You can.

Autor: Maja Pekas

To be honest, I didn’t plan to enroll in a MBA program. I love to develop and improve my knowledge and skills and am regularly attending different educational programs to grow personally and professionally. However, I considered MBA to be out of my reach in a way. I had this unconscious thought somewhere in my mind that I would enroll in it, but when the time is right.

I believed it is a big step in life, and that a person had to be ready for it.

One day, I saw an article about Algebra’s scholarship. They were granting one full scholarship and four partial ones. Wow, that sounded cool. So I gave it a shot. I applied and several days after had a pleasant interview about my career, the steps that I have taken to develop it and why I want to be a part of the MBA family. I then received an invitation to participate in the scholarship contest. It got better and better after that. I was really enthusiastic. The day the contest was held was both stressful and exciting. I say stressful because we were presented with a real business problem for which we needed to find a solution in a short time. However, it was exciting, and the atmosphere was great – we were surrounded by a huge amount of creative energy. We had support from each other and encouraged our peers to do their best. It was really a wonderful experience – a positive, creative, exciting, and challenging working atmosphere. The contest was very professionally organized. This strong competition challenged us to give more than 100 percent of ourselves. It was great to meet all the participants, but even better to experience how MBA works.

As I mentioned before, I didn’t think seriously about enrolling, but it felt so good, I felt I belonged there and that I am ready to take this big step.
And now? After the first year has passed, I can say it is even better than I expected. It is strange, but I always look forward to busy weekends and many tasks we have to do. It is not just about the great atmosphere, meeting great people, and solving real business cases. It is about growth and changing perspective. I am learning a lot about myself and developing skills that I wasn't even aware I had. It is amazing how my horizons have expanded in this short time. I’m getting and working on new ideas, and it is amazing how big of a progress I’ve made when it comes to business and career development. I believe there isn’t task we are not prepared for.

Everyone here is talking about digital transformation, but it’s more than that. You transform completely – your points of view, attitude, reactions and the conclusions you make. Since this education gives you a wide knowledge in different fields, you find yourself watching the world with completely different eyes.
In the end, a conclusion is already well known - feel free to step out of your comfort zone and be brave; take the first step that leads you to a better future and becoming a happier person. Believe in yourself. You can.