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Quality Manager and Project manager at Elcon Geraetebau

Quality Manager and Project manager at Elcon Geraetebau

Autor: Denis Redžić

Individual Experience

For my Individual Experience case, I would like to describe the process of choosing Algebra MBA degree as the next step in my education.

Pre-purchase phase

Identifying the need: 

As soon as I finished my master’s degree in mechanical engineering, I started working at current company as Quality manager. Before that, I worked at junior engineering positions and I had zero managerial experience.  Starting my “manager” position, I noticed that I lack a lot of skills for that job. First, I had only technical skills such as data analytics, process definition and knew little bit about communication and lobbying skills. One of my first task was to establish few of KPI’s for different processes but I hit the wall since the IT platform was not there. I had some Idea how to do it but not the whole plan. I was always good with computers and computational logic but never studied anything related to programing or IT and my brain told me “If you have studied something related to IT, you would know how to solve these open tasks with no trouble”. I decided then that I will support my education with additional studies that are IT related and will prepare myself for Industry 4.0.

Search possible solutions: 

First I started googling the universities in Rijeka that offered IT courses and found few options related to IT on Bachelor and Master level. I was considering them as an option, but time frame was not fitting to my work schedule, there was simply no way that I could fit any of potential options. I opened these websites few times in period of 2-3 months to see if something changed…and then it happened, like it waited for me: THE Algebra MBA Scholarship ad popped out. I guess it found me since I was searching universities for bachelor and master level programs, or it was a destiny? I read through ad a few times and after third or fourth I knew this was for me! It offered perfect curriculum to improve my skill set in digital, managerial and leadership direction. There was no need to look further since all other options became part of my browser history and nothing else!

I did find few challenges and risks such as:

  • Monetary risk:
  • How will I pay for this? There are chances for me to win scholarship, but if not…what then?

Functional risk:

  • Is this good as it looks like in ad?
  • How will I make it work with my family?
  • How will all this additional pressure affect my family time? Working time?

But, communication is first aid in any problem and to use it well I needed to know more in order to define my strategy in handling all these risks and challenges. Week or two later, Algebra organized MBA Info day for all the potential scholarship candidates. I explained my wife that I want her to drive me to Zagreb because there is this opportunity that I feel is right for me and she can go shopping in the meantime. This got sold with no problem! ?

Info day from Algebra team was perfectly orchestrated! Their Value Propositions seemed to have it all: Quality, Value, Being Global, Systems solution, Emotional and Self Expressive Benefits etc.

Ivana and Goran did a perfect job explaining just how serious the MBA study is, how different and enriching it will be without giving all the details in the first evening. They left us hungry for additional round of talk.

Bottom of the story is, I was hooked and I knew I will be back for more!

The rest of the story is interesting and full of emotions, but the point is that I have already bought the product! I wanted MBA when I read the AD flayer for the first time! I came to Info Day just to be 100% sure and that was it!

I knew that the path will show itself as I decided to follow “gut feeling”.

This example shows few important aspects such as:

- Timing of Algebra program - right because there is generation ready for eLeadership program!

o Market research done right:

- Selection process - they recognized me as a potential user

- Risk assessment and risk rationalization

- Good marketing and promotion


All in all, good job Algebra Team ?