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The FIVE W’s of MBA

The FIVE W’s of MBA

Autor: Nikola Jelić, Planning and reporting manager at Konzum

Planning and reporting manager at Konzum

The FIVE W’s of MBA


MBA program is open for any ambitious individual that holds a higher educational degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s and is eager to gain new knowledge and professional skills. Fellow students in my MBA group come from various industries like IT, business consulting, FMCG, education sector, marketing, pharmaceutics, politics etc.


MBA or Master of Business Administration is an internationally recognized degree that covers a broad scope of business topics with most common dedication towards Marketing, Finance, Human resources, IT, Operations and Entrepreneurship. Algebra e-Leadership MBA has a deeper approach, with higher focus on “real life” business cases than most of other business master degrees and it is focusing more on business and management than other non-business master degrees.


The most common reason to choose to enroll in MBA program is to gain more refined and specific business management skills and knowledge. My personal motivator was just that… after finishing Master’s degree on Faculty of Economics & Business in Zagreb I wanted further development and to learn more throught real business situations – the do’s and don’ts. I started being active in the MBA Croatia Association, attended monthly lectures and workshops, and grew more and more interested in becoming MBA student as well. Other big motivator for enrolling in MBA program is networking, teamwork and overall environment. All of these, after enrolling in Algebra e-Leadership MBA, I began to appreciate more and more.


Very often in our lives, we are procrastinating big steps and decisions because we are waiting for the “right” time. Of course, there will always be better times to make certain decisions and there will always be strong and valid arguments to postpone our next step of growth (health, financial stability, better job, family milestones). Most MBA students have 10+ years of professional experience but it is not that uncommon that others enroll sooner than others if they or their organizations feel they are ready for further development and growth. This actually was my case.  After almost 2 years of full time cooperation with biggest consulting firms on restructuring of the largest company in this part of Europe, I wanted to redefine my skills. Therefore, I applied to Algebra e-Leadership MBA scholarship competition with no expectations. That competition was one of the most interesting experiences I have had and it has showed me that I am ready for that next step. The organization I work for invests in the development of its employees and fortunately, they saw that I was ready for the next step.


The quality of the MBA program lies in the quality of the lecturers that share their knowledge and experience. The globally relevant lecturers I have had the opportunity to listen to on Algebra e-Leadership MBA program are full of real business experience that they have been able to gather in their careers. As mentioned before one of the biggest motivators for enrolling into MBA program are networking and teamwork. Each Algebra e-Leadership MBA generation consist of a balanced number of students so that all students can connect and stand out. We are divided in teams of 5 and team members are compatible and we all bring different set of skills to the table. It’s great to say I have learned just as much from my group and team members as I have from the lecturers. I am certain that I will happily cherish friends I have gained on Algebra. Algebra, with this e-Leadership MBA program, is preparing its students for the challenges in leading organizations in era of digital economy. They really gave us insight into new industry trends through all the new study methods, visiting startup incubators, with field trips and visits to the biggest tech companies – I can say that visit to the Amazon office in Dublin was interesting and fun (Lot of Pubs are there as well).

So…to anybody who wants to be ahead of the new industry trends and wants to develop skills in a positive and highly motivating environment, I would truly recommend Algebra e-Leadership MBA.