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The power of networking = The power of now

The power of networking = The power of now

Autor: Stjepan Vuković

If you ask MBA candidates what are key benefits enrolling to program, probably one of the most quotes answer would be networking.


It sounds easily – you enroll to class, by default expand your professional network, and create new business opportunities. In reality, there is a gap becoming part of formal network and nurturing relationships, which often can contain some challenges. Some of usual suspects are reluctance in approaching to others, presenting yourself in best manner and balancing between gaining and receiving from/to network. Simply, some people are more extroverts and much easily reach new connections, while some are much more reactive.

How to start?

My experience started since from Scholarship contest. You become part of random team and you really need to work as a team to finish assignments. By having said „work as a team“, you need to change ideas, feedback and develop answers to specific challenge in limited amount of time. This is the first point where you need to set up trust and respect, by having clear focus on achieving common goal.

The „real thing“ starts when you enroll to MBA study. Again, you are in new environment, now much more focused, as it will be your group for next two years with same challenges in forming community. But, now you have “invisible hand” who is part of the group and it’s helping you. This hand lies in concept of the lectures. Simply, concept of Algebra EMBA study focuses on individual and team assignments – a lot of them. It means that you have plenty of opportunities to present in front of audience (your team and whole group) on different topics – presenting your experience and interest, present results of specific assignments, enroll into discussion, develop business case etc. By default, it means that after introductory module you will already have great overview of who is doing what, what are others interests, what are their challenges and ideas on job etc. It really makes a great start point to further develop your network, just by doing what are you supposed to do – join classes regularly.


I’m part of Algebra EMBA study for approximately 6 months. In that time, I already managed to hire a new employee in my company (from pool of MBA colleagues) and currently even finishing proposal for client that found my company by recommendations of MBA colleagues.

But what is the most interesting part of networking for me, is the fact that after you sign-up for EMBA study you will be surrounded by colleagues on more or less same age segment with similar positions in career and similar expectations from personal development. In my experience, more than 80% colleagues I did not knew before joining the EMBA program. Even if I look back at my regular business environment, MBA colleagues are people who I would have small chance to meet outside of Algebra, even in small business community as Croatian. To conclude, networking will happen, and it really proofs as one of biggest advantages of such study.

If you can imagine yourself with an MBA diploma in your hands you can start with the easiest step and that is by winning a full-tuition MBA scholarship.

How? Scholarship applications for the generation 2017/2018 are open until 1st of October 2017. All you have to do is apply online on the e-Leadership MBA scholarships website by filling in the application form. 

Challenge yourself! Apply now and start building a new digital leader by developing your potentials! Good luck!

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