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Way I experienced MBA

Way I experienced MBA

Autor: Sandra Anić

EU funds project manager, Aestus d.o.o.

„Should you move in the direction of your fear it becomes more and more certain that the strength of fear will disappear “– this was a quote that showed up on my radar just days before MBA Scholarship Finals Day. This was a quote that sealed all doubts I had created for myself while trying to enroll to MBA.

Now that I am a scholarship recipient of this program, I can say MBA is everything I have imagined and everything I haven’t!
Algebra e-Leadership MBA is a place where the campus itself lures you for more knowledge, more new information, more new experiences, new acquaintances. It is a place where you spend time with people and you reminisce about ideas, you entertain your brain with new solutions and new ways to apply them.
It’s a place you will want to come to back every 3 weeks because you know that this mini universe is waiting for you. It’s waiting for you filled with inspiring messages and possibilities for another self-discovery.

One thing it is not, a place where you might will feel like you do not belong!

Here at Algebra MBA we see firsthand what digital transformation is and that truly is amazing. Equally amazing are experiences given and shared by our mentors from Kelley School. So, far we had lectures given by a professor who is also an advisor to MS Office Excel. Bob together with his wife Rhonda gave us Quantitative methods and showed us Excel magic. They are a couple we will never forget, they so want you to succeed! Strategic management was given by a professor Greg Fisher who really pushed our thinking forward and everything discussed in business cases was on point. He has a book coming out soon on Strategic management. Having it as course material made the learning experience true to the core. “Cyber security” – Managing Information Risk and Security module was held by professor Scott Shackelford who acquired a part of his professional experience at NASA and led Obama’s voting campaign. His law background made this topic interesting even if it was, at times, a bit harsh and difficult to understand. Everyone in their own way left a mark on us, especially Mr prof. Keith Dayton.

This experience is filled with discussing cases, readings, preparing presentations, going through exams and it is intense but broken down into modules you work through it and manage it. Each module expects a bit of preparation or a homework but once the exam is submitted on Sundays after the lecture you are done with the module. We will graduate with a Business plan for a team and a Final thesis. Yes, some effort is required but the program is structured in a way that is manageable for us working people. Having the chance to work on the team project Business plan is heaps of fun and support and a public - Love you people, is due! We could actually bring something innovative and useful to the broader community and this notion helps while balancing work, family and “me” time. Guardian just might see the light of day.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to Algebra for every detail of this great experience that makes me grow personally and professionally. Ivana and Goran our Algebra pillars, your dedication, warmth and care are giving us the ease of mind while working through it.