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How to succeed in business and have fun

How to succeed in business and have fun

Autor: Igor Cerinski

1st generation MBA team Free California does not waste time. Since our very first task we were determined to solve mobility and parking problems in city of Zagreb. We have recognized the idea of Karlo Starčević and throught, over one-year-long, joint collaboration idea has become a successsful project, named WePark. We have developed a platform, with smart mobile app as its interface, that connects drivers and parking lot owners into the WePark community.

No parking. Again. The lecture starts in 5 minutes, and my car circling the block for the third time is starting to look suspicious to the local guard. I check my mobile, googling in vain 'where to park when there are simply no free spaces'. I give up and drive to a relatively safe illegal parking spot less than 10 minutes by foot from the desired location. Everything would be so much simpler if you could neatly prepare, research where to park, book a spot and arrive at the location stress-free – without being late and circling around with your nerves on edge. And that's how the idea was born.

After a year of incubation, it blossomed into WePark – a smart application with real-time connection to the device on the parking location which, without the need to roll down your car window, allows vehicles entry to the location and initiates a payment procedure, enables prior overview of free spaces and even offers the possibility to book a parking space. Simple. Interesting. Essential. Free download makes it a tool for every driver who wants to try something new, and maybe spent 20 minutes on average circling around town looking for a parking spot on something else instead, and spare us all 1.5 HRK of CO2 released into the atmosphere in the course of that obsolete and strenuous process of search for a parking spot.

When everything starts as a student assignment caused by a real-life problem we have been facing when arriving and being late for lectures, then it should go without saying that from the very beginning the entire project involves a high level of fun and lightheartedness. But then again, with the great help of colleagues and the faculty, the project is proceeding beyond expectation, gaps are being filled as an essential part of every business venture, and the energy and good mood of team members and the community is not letting up.

Why not add a bit of spice to your life with something you truly believe in, offer at least a little help to society, friends and relatives, maybe even with some luck succeed in business and...have fun? We did and we do not intend to stop!

WePark team